Marrakesh, a vibrant city in the heart of Morocco, is a sensory overload. The hustle and bustle of the souks, the sight of the towering minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque, and the rich aromas of spices and sizzling meats make it a haven for tourists and food enthusiasts alike. Discovering the local culinary scene is not only about tasting the food but also about immersing yourself in the culture and traditions of this beautiful city.

If you’re a traveller who is ready to delve into Marrakesh’s culinary tapestry and wants to eat like a true native, you’re in for a treat. Here are 11 eateries where you can savour authentic Moroccan dishes that locals love.

11 Places to Eat Like a Local in Marrakesh/Authentic Moroccan Cuisine/Marrakesh Dining

Dar Yacout

Located just inside the Medina, Dar Yacout is not just a restaurant; it is a must-experience culinary journey in Marrakesh. The restaurant, beautifully decorated with ornate Arabic designs and overlooking the city, offers both traditional Moroccan dishes and an atmosphere rich with local history and culture.

The cuisine at Dar Yacout is a blend of fresh ingredients, earthy spices, and local culinary traditions. Their tagines, slow-cooked stews, and couscous dishes are known for their authenticity and the subtle combination of ingredients that represent the essence of Moroccan flavour.

The dining experience at Dar Yacout often includes live traditional music and belly dancing, enhancing the ambience and ensuring that every aspect of your meal feels truly local.


L’Mida is a newcomer to the Marrakesh dining scene but has quickly established itself as a local favourite. This contemporary eatery serves up a modern twist on classic Moroccan dishes, all prepared and plated with precision and elegance.

The restaurant’s minimalist, chic design provides a serene backdrop to the delightful flavours of their dishes. Guests at L’Mida can expect to find a menu that highlights the freshest seasonal produce and a range of vibrant, tasteful offerings. Staples such as lamb mechoui (spit-roasted lamb), and khobz (traditional round bread) are reimagined with inventive sauces and accompanying ingredients, creating an exceptional dining experience.


Perched above the bustling souk of Marrakesh, Nomad provides a welcome respite with its contemporary rooftop terrace and chic, eclectic menu. This trendy spot is a gathering place for Marrakshis and tourists alike.

Nomad’s cuisine is a delightful melange of traditional Moroccan fare with a modern global twist. From harira (a hearty soup) to roasted seasonal vegetables served with quinoa, every dish is not only a treat for the taste buds but also a visual feast. This is Marrakesh—old and new, traditional and cosmopolitan—all coexisting and complementing each other perfectly.

11 Places to Eat Like a Local in Marrakesh/Authentic Moroccan Cuisine/Marrakesh Dining

La Maison Arabe

La Maison Arabe is more than a simple restaurant; it is a historic institution that dates back to the 1940s. Over the years, it has become a sanctuary for music and culinary arts, welcoming celebrities like Winston Churchill and Queen Ingrid of Denmark.

The restaurant’s charming setting and traditional Moroccan decor make it a popular spot for a meal. They are renowned for their world-class tagines, and their cooking classes make it a perfect place to learn the traditional secrets of Moroccan cooking. Music accompanies the meals, as the restaurant has its own Andalusian ensemble.


+61 is a stylish fusion of Australian and Moroccan cuisines, a unique blend that is evident in both the menu and the striking decor. The restaurant’s name signifies the international dialling code for Australia, hinting at the culinary journey that lies ahead.

Visitors should expect a menu that combines fresh local produce with Australian standards of quality and taste. This fusion is masterfully executed, resulting in dishes that are at once comforting and exotic. From Moroccan spiced lamb shoulder to the celebrated Australian Wagyu beef, +61 offers an intriguing contrast that is sure to please the palates of both locals and travellers.

Atay Cafe

Atay Cafe is an unassuming place tucked away in the Dar el-Bacha district, offering an authentic feel of the local cafe culture. It’s the perfect spot for a cup of Moroccan mint tea and some people-watching.

The tea at Atay Cafe is prepared and presented in the traditional Moroccan way, with an emphasis on a seductive blend of flavours and a theatrical pour designed to rouse the alluring aroma. Atay Cafe also serves pastries and light snacks, making it a relaxing stop for a quick break from the excitement of the city.

Al Fassia

Al Fassia has a story that is as captivating as its delicious cuisine. Established in 1985, it was one of the first restaurants in Marrakesh to be owned and run solely by women. The restaurant is now a well-established culinary bastion, serving only the finest dishes.

Fiercely traditional, Al Fassia is known for its immersive dining experience and excellent service. The menu passed down through generations, includes marvellous versions of classics like bastilla and an array of aromatic tagines. Each dish is made to order, promising visitors an authenticity and flavour that is second to none.

Le Foundouk

Le Foundouk is an elegant dining destination nestled within the Medina. The restaurant, situated in a historic building, exudes a sense of luxury and privilege. Guests can expect a warm, contemporary atmosphere within the ancient walls, with a distinct Moroccan feel and some of the best views of the city.

The menu at Le Foundouk seamlessly marries French cuisine with Moroccan flavours, creating dishes that are both sophisticated and comforting. The restaurant also boasts an extensive wine list, making it a perfect place for a relaxed, upscale dining experience.

La Mamounia

La Mamounia is not just a restaurant; it’s an institution. This iconic hotel’s dining rooms are steeped in history and elegance, with art deco features and sumptuous furnishings that echo the hotel’s opulent reputation.

The hotel’s five restaurants offer a choice of atmospheres and cuisines. From the Moroccan specialities at The Moroccan, a jazz kitchen, to Italian at L’Italien en passant par la France, La Mamounia has something to satisfy every craving. Each restaurant features bold, innovative menus created by world-class chefs, ensuring a divine gourmet experience.

Toro Toro

For a different flavour in Marrakesh, head to Toro Toro at the Royal Mansour. This Latin-American-infused restaurant is a striking contrast to the traditional Moroccan fare found throughout the city. The restaurant’s dark wood and deep red decor exude a sophisticated, sultry atmosphere that’s perfect for a special night out.

Toro Toro’s menu is designed for sharing, allowing diners to try a variety of robust and flavorful dishes. The churrasco grill is a highlight, offering sizzling meat dishes that are succulent and seasoned to perfection. It’s a chance to experience another side of Marrakesh’s international culinary scene.

Sahbi Sahbi

Last but certainly not least is Sahbi Sahbi, a family-run gem nestled in the heart of Marrakesh. It’s a small restaurant, but it packs a punch with its traditional Moroccan dishes that are full of flavour and affection.

Sahbi Sahbi is all about the warmth of a home-cooked meal served with the kind of friendliness you can only find in family-owned businesses. The tagines and couscous served here are renowned for their quality, and the atmosphere is one of authenticity and relaxed enjoyment.

Places to eat like a local in Marrakesh/Authentic Moroccan cuisine

Eating like a local in Marrakesh is an adventure in itself, and these 11 eateries offer a variety of options that showcase the city’s diverse culinary scene. From traditional tagines and couscous to modern fusions and global culinary standards, there’s something for every foodie who visits this magical city.

So next time you’re in Marrakesh, skip the hotel buffets and tourist hotspots and go straight to the places where the locals love to eat. The memories you’ll make and the flavours you’ll savour are sure to be unforgettable. Bon appétit!