TOP PLACES TO STAY IN MARRAKESH – Unveiling Marrakesh’s Top 35 Luxurious and Unique Accommodations

Marrakesh, commonly known as the ‘Red City’ or ‘Ochre City’, stands as a glimmering jewel of Morocco. Its rich history, vibrant souks, and stunning architectural marvels draw travellers from around the globe. However, what truly sets Marrakesh apart is its collection of accommodations – ranging from opulent riads to luxurious villas, and everything in between. If you’re planning a trip to Marrakesh and valuing your stay as much as your adventures, this comprehensive guide to Marrakesh’s top 36 places to stay is tailor-made for you.

As a visitor, your accommodation choice is more than just a place to rest your head. It’s a cultural immersion, a luxurious escape, and a love letter to the city’s beauty. Let’s explore the tapestry of Marrakesh accommodations and find the perfect thread for your journey.

Top places to stay in Marrakesh – Luxurious Riads Marrakesh: The Essence of Marrakesh

Riads are synonymous with the city’s elegance, offering a peaceful oasis from the bustling streets. These ancient palaces with interior gardens or courtyards have been transformed into boutique accommodations, each bearing its tale of splendour.

1. Riad Secret Jardin

Nestled in the heart of the Medina, Riad Secret Jardin is a true synonym for calm and elegance. Poised with immaculate detailing and traditional architecture, it’s a wonderland replete with the fragrance of its name. Be sure to savour a meal in the central courtyard, surrounded by jasmine-filled air.

Style: Traditional Moroccan with Andalusian influences

Prices From: $180 per night

2. Riad Goloboy

If you’re pining for a historical retreat, Riad Goloboy delivers an authentic Moorish and Moroccan aesthetic. The Riad orchestrates personalized experiences, ensuring that every stay is an exceptional journey through Marrakesh’s heritage.

Style: Moroccan Architecture and Design

Prices From: $200 per night

3. Riad Tarabel

A jewel of 19th-century Marrakech, Riad Tarabel enchants with its delicate balance of past and present. Savvy travellers seek out this historic residence for its Parisian chic interiors and the renowned Tarabel cuisine served in its opulent dining salon.

Style: 19th-century Moroccan-French

Prices From: $150 per night

4. Riad 72

Situated on a picturesque corner of the Medina, Riad 72 is a vision in cedar wood, tadelakt, and zellij tilework. Courtesy of Sir Richard Branson, it brings a touch of British luxury to the Middle Atlas as one of the world’s most exclusive riads.

Style: British-Influenced Moroccan

Prices From: $300 per night

5. Riad BE

For a sublime sensory journey, Riad BE is a harmonious blend of mirrors, mosaics, and Moroccan handicrafts. Its central courtyard epitomizes the tradition of ‘dar beida’ or white house, drenched in light and offering a warm welcome to travellers.

Style: Traditional Moroccan meets Contemporary

Prices From: $180 per night

6. Riad Noir d’Ivoire

Art Deco and traditional Moroccan styles converge at the beautifully composed Riad Noir d’Ivoire. Poised just a few steps away from the famous bustling bazaars, it stands as a serene escape with a peaceful garden pool and an opulent hammam.

Style: Art Deco Moroccan

Prices From: $210 per night

7. Riad L’Atelier

Riad L’Atelier beckons with the artistic spirit of its founder, Set Eastman. The riad serves not only as an elegant accommodation but also as a gallery for contemporary Moroccan art, adding a layer of depth to your stay.

Style: Contemporary Moroccan

Prices From: $170 per night

8. Riad Ptit Habibi

For an intimate Marrakesh experience, Riad Ptit Habibi offers an engaging blend of tradition and grace. The riad’s cosy ambience and distinctive decor set the stage for memorable hospitality from the attentive family who runs it.

Style: Traditional with a Personal Touch

Prices From: $150 per night

9. Ksar Kasbah & Spa

An architectural landmark of the Atlas Mountains, Ksar Kasbah & Spa is a short drive from the intoxicating streets. The Ksar boasts panoramic views, a traditional hammam, and spacious suites adorned with Berber art.

Style: Ancient Moorish Castle

Prices From: $250 per night

10. Riad Jaaneman

Riad Jaaneman presents a world of calm with its pale tadelakt, pale plaster, and soothing pools designed by noted France-based Peter Wilde. The meticulous restoration offers a contemporary feel while paying homage to traditional Moroccan design.

Style: Contemporary Restoration

Prices From: $200 per night

11. Riad No. 37

Riad No. 37’s exquisite attention to detail allows guests to immerse in the authentic spirit of Marrakesh from the moment they step foot inside. This multi-award-winning boutique accommodation is a sanctuary of luxury, offering a heated pool and a stunning rooftop terrace.

Style: Timeless Moroccan Elegance

Prices From: $230 per night

Top places to stay in Marrakesh – Unique Villa Stays Marrakesh: The Personal Palaces

For those in search of even more privacy and opulence, Marrakesh offers a selection of unique villas that cater to every whim. These standalone residences are the epitome of luxury, showcasing the best of local artistry and comfort.

12. Dar El Sadaka

A surrealist’s dream, Dar El Sadaka is both a villa and an art installation. From the Gigantic Gorilla in the Garden suite to the surreal spaces crafted by Jean-François Fourtou, every corner tells a new and fascinating story. The villa’s oversized heated pool and lush gardens provide abundant space for reflection and relaxation.

Style: Surreal Art Villa

Prices From: $500 per night

13. Villa D

Designed by Belgian designer Antoine Van Doorne, Villa D oozes with the cosmopolitan charm of its creator. The villa invites with its contemporary design, spacious grounds, and an 18-meter pool that’s perfect for morning laps or evening stargazing.

Style: Cosmopolitan Contemporary

Prices From: $460 per night

14. Dar Zemora

The epitome of elegant living, Dar Zemora delivers quintessential villa luxury with a dash of timeless style. Carl and Emma have crafted a space that celebrates British sophistication and Moroccan luxury, commanding stunning views of the Atlas Mountains from the property’s edge.

Style: British Elegance in Marrakesh

Prices From: $400 per night

Top places to stay in Marrakesh – Hotels: Where Worldly Luxuries Await

If convenience and amenities are at the top of your travel checklist, Marrakesh’s range of hotels offers deluxe experiences that blend world-class service with the city’s inimitable charm. Each hotel in Marrakesh tells a story and caters to a different crowd, ensuring you find the perfect one that aligns with your concept of a dream stay.

15. Amanjena

Seductively concealed within a twilit Moorish garden, Amanjena beckons with its rose-blush walls and reflective pools. This Sanskrit-named sanctuary offers the utmost in privacy and luxury, with 40 rose-tinted pavilions and maisons.

Style: Mughal Magnificence

Prices From: $600 per night

16. Royal Mansour

Crafted by the hands of a thousand master artisans, Royal Mansour is a palace-inspired hotel that introduces guests to the pinnacle of Moorish luxury. From private riads to opulent restaurants, this Marrakech landmark offers an exquisite embodiment of Moroccan artistry.

Style: Moorish Maghreb

Prices From: $1,400 per night

17. El Fenn

This contemporary bolthole reflects a beguiling blend of classic and creative. El Fenn’s chic rooms, rooftop terraces, and delectable dining provide a refuge for the modern traveller. As the sun sets behind the Koutoubia Mosque, the rooftop turns into a stylish sanctuary, ideal for sundowners.

Style: Classic Meets Contemporary

Prices From: $400 per night

18. Mandarin Oriental Marrakesh

The Mandarin Oriental Marrakesh spreads itself across lavish hectares of scented gardens and olive groves. The hotel redefines luxury with its opulent riads, a sumptuous spa, and gastronomic delights that marry traditional flavours with innovative techniques.

Style: Moorish Meets Modern

Prices From: $500 per night

19. L’Hotel Marrakesh

L’Hotel Marrakesh sits as a contemporary show-stopper in the ancient city. The original 19th-century riad has been meticulously restored to reflect a stylish blend of traditional and modern design, offering an intimate 27-room bolthole brimming with heritage and heart.

Style: Chic Contemporary Riad

Prices From: $250 per night

20. Nobu Hotel

As the first African venture for Chef Nobu, this eponymous property serves luxe simplicity Nohu-style, against a backdrop of the Atlas Mountains. For lovers of Japanese minimalism, this might just be your local. The restaurant is renowned for its ‘house of the rising sun,’ naturally equating to world-class sushi for breakfast.

Style: Japanese Modernity in Morocco

Prices From: $400 per night

21. Rosemary

Rosemary is the new sanctuary of contemporary design and bioarchitecture in Marrakesh. Set against the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains, this unique and private location is the epitome of sustainable luxury.

Style: Bioarchitecture and Contemporary Design

Prices From: $280 per night

22. Izza

A stone’s throw away from the heart of Marrakech’s Medina, Izza offers a modern take on traditional Arab-Andalusian architecture. Guests can expect luxurious comforts and unrivalled service in this urban oasis that features a stunning roof terrace with spectacular city views.

Style: Modern Arab-Andalusian

Prices From: $180 per night

23. Farasha Farmhouse

The charming Farasha Farmhouse serves as a serene country retreat just 20 minutes away from the heart of the Medina. This boutique hotel boasts an organic farm, an outdoor infinity pool, and beautifully appointed rooms that fuse the best of Moroccan hospitality with European comforts.

Style: Farmhouse Chic with a Moroccan Twist

Prices From: $180 per night

24. The Oberoi Marrakesh

An oasis of tranquillity with stunning views of the Atlas Mountains, The Oberoi Marrakesh is poised to become a landmark destination in the storied city. The hotel’s luxurious accommodations and award-winning spa combine to offer a truly unforgettable experience.

Style: Contemporary Luxury with a Touch of Morocco

Prices From: $330 per night

25. Four Seasons Marrakesh

The Four Seasons Marrakesh embodies the rich culture of the city within its walls, offering guests the very finest in luxury and hospitality. The sprawling grounds include a luxurious spa, a choice of swimming pools, and pristine gardens that will enchant and relax you in equal measure.

Style: Timeless Palace of Arab-Andalusian Splendor

Prices From: $450 per night

26. Hotel Les Deux Tour

Elegantly set among the palm and olive trees of La Palmeraie, Hotel Les Deux Tours is a vision of restored Moorish luxury. This charming hotel offers a resplendent restaurant, a sumptuous spa, and a serenade of bird calls to wake to each morning.

Style: Restored Moroccan Elegance

Prices From: $200 per night

27. Jnane Tamsna

Designed by Meryanne Loum-Martin, Jnane Tamsna is a serene 9-acre country estate within the city. The boutique hotel and private Moroccan restaurant set amidst mature gardens provide a peaceful sanctuary a few minutes away from the magical Medina.

Style: Ethnic Chic

Prices From: $320 per night

28. Kasbah Beldi

Situated amidst the date palms and olive groves of a traditional Berber village, Kasbah Beldi beckons with the timeless charm of rural Morocco. The hotel offers distinguished hospitality, an authentic Moroccan hammam, and sustainable dining experiences that let you savour the flavours of the land.

Style: Berber Sophistication

Prices From: $180 per night

29. The Source

The Source is Marrakech’s best-kept secret – a secluded estate with rooms overlooking the resplendent Atlas Mountains. The hotel’s devotion to sustainable practices and world-class service creates an unparalleled, opulent eco-paradise.

Style: Sustainable Serenity

Prices From: $250 per night

30. Maison Brummell Majorelle

This hidden gem offers an upscale oasis in the heart of the Marrakesh city. Maison Brummell Majorelle seamlessly combines modern comfort with timeless Moroccan design, featuring a rooftop pool with breathtaking views of the city and the Atlas Mountains.

Style: Moroccan-Chic

Prices From: $205 per night

31. Les Cinq Djellabas

Les Cinq Djellabas is a masterclass in luxury, offering not only a place to lay your head but also an experience of true Moroccan hospitality. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, each room at Les Cinq Djellabas is exquisite and distinct, adorned with a subtle blend of exotic colours and modern amenities. The onsite spa, panoramic dining, and shimmering pool complement the serenity of the setting, ensuring a tranquil stay.

Style: This luxurious haven boasts of traditional Moroccan architecture fused with contemporary elegance, and is inspired by the five different colours of the traditional garment, the Djellaba.

Prices From: $180 per night

32. Dar Darma

This elegant sanctuary is an ode to Arabic architecture, serving as the perfect backdrop for a stay imbued with history and luxury. Upon arrival, guests are transported into another world of antiques, terraces teetering over the city, and a sense of privilege that is hard to emulate elsewhere. With personalized service and attention to detail, Dar Darma offers the quintessential riad experience.

Style: A mansion resembling a small palace, Dar Darma boasts open courtyards, intimate terraces, and a vivacious blend of Oriental and Art Deco furnishings.

Prices From: $350 per night

33. Palais Rousard

Elegance and grandeur define the Palais Rousard, where opulent interiors and lush grounds encircle a private pool. The ornate living spaces are rich in history and promise to provide an exclusive experience away from the Medina’s maelstrom. This is an ideal retreat for those in search of unadulterated luxury under the Moroccan sun.

Style: A palatial respite, Palais Rousard’s design gushes with 19th-century charm and boasts a private outdoor pool and a terrace with stunning city views.

Prices From: $250 per night

34. L’Hotel Marrakesh

Chic and charming, L’Hotel Marrakesh is a contemporary gem in a city steeped in tradition. Upon entering, you are greeted with an understated elegance that belies the opulence within. The spacious suites are graced with a timeless design, while the courtyard, pool, and rooftop offer the perfect settings to unwind in the terracotta glow of the Moroccan sky.

Style: A modern interpretation of Moroccan beauty, L’Hotel Marrakesh boasts a minimalist aesthetic amidst rich and atmospheric spaces.

Prices From: $200 per night

35. Selman

Selman Marrakech is a name synonymous with grandeur. Boasting an exquisite equestrian theme, this palace offers a stay that is fit for royalty. The scent of roses is ever-present in the air as the property overlooks its own rose garden, echoing the fragrance of the City of Roses itself. With decadent rooms and a spa that promises rejuvenation, a stay at Selman is an excursion into unparalleled luxury.

Style: A grand palatial hideaway, Selman Marrakech indulges guests with majestic Arabian horse riding shows and the finest interiors with spacious plunge pools.

Prices From: $400 per night

TOP PLACES TO STAY IN MARRAKESH – Unveiling Marrakesh’s Top 35 Luxurious and Unique Accommodations/Marrakesh Accommodations/Honeymoon in Marrakesh

The ideal stay in Marrakesh should not only deliver a comfortable bed and a sumptuous meal, but a memorable experience that captures the spirit of the city. Tread off the beaten path and into one of these rarified spaces, and watch as your Marrakesh adventure transforms into a personal journey of luxury and discovery.