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Victorian romance-themed wedding at Birkhill Castle

Weddings are a celebration of love and commitment. It is a day when two souls become one and declare their love for each other. Every couple dreams of a wedding that represents their love story and their unique personality. For untraditional and relaxed couples, Birkhill Castle in Fife, Scotland is the perfect destination for a romantic wedding.

Victorian romance-themed wedding at Birkhill Castle

Birkhill Castle

Birkhill Castle is set in the midst of nature and provides a stunning backdrop for a magical wedding. Let me take you on a journey of a Victorian romance-themed wedding that I, Bernadeta, had the pleasure to plan and style.

The theme of this wedding was Victorian romance. The table was decorated with dusty pink and green flowers, Victorian-patterned plates, glasses, and cutlery. Vintage candleholders with dusty pink candles added to the romantic ambience of the room. Julie from A Curious Arrangement created unique flower arrangements that added to the overall charm and beauty of the event.

The ceremony spot was beautifully decorated with green, yellow-orange, and dusty pink roses. It was a picture-perfect setting for the couple to exchange their wedding vows. The bride was dressed in a romantic Champagne Blush gown from Lyn Ashworth, which matched perfectly with the mood board. Alex’s elegant hairstyle and natural makeup by Bonny’s Wonderland completed her stunning look.

The cake for this wedding was created by Alice from A Bonnie Wee Cake Falkland. It was a stunning masterpiece that looked as beautiful as it tasted. Everyone was delighted by the delicious cake and the intricate details that adorned it.

The fine art luxurious stationery created by Wedding Artwork by Daria added an extra layer of sophistication to the wedding. A true artist, Daria painted a life painting during the photoshoot, that will undoubtedly forever be an incredible and unique remembrance of this special day.

Victorian romance-themed wedding at Birkhill Castle

Table Decor

For couples looking for a classic and elegant wedding theme, the Victorian era is one of the most popular choices to go for. The Victorian era was characterized by extravagance, elegance, and timeless beauty, and it’s no wonder that many couples still look to this era for inspiration for their wedding day. If you’re planning a Victorian romance-themed wedding, where else is better to have it than the dreamy and timeless Birkhill Castle?

To begin with, mood boards are an incredibly useful tool when planning your wedding. They can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be, but the important thing is that they help you to keep track of your ideas.

For your Victorian romance-themed wedding at Birkhill Castle, it’s important to focus on creating a mood board that is full of classic and timeless images that speak to the elegance and grandeur of the era. This should include images of grand ballrooms, vintage floral arrangements, Victorian-inspired fashion, and intricate lace details.

But what about the colour scheme? When it comes to Victorian weddings, the colour palette typically revolves around deep jewel tones, such as burgundy, emerald green, navy blue, dusty pink and dark purple. These colours perfectly encapsulate the richness and luxury of the Victorian era. You’ll want to focus on choosing colours that evoke a sense of romance and luxury, while also contrasting beautifully with the classic stone architecture of Birkhill Castle.

To get inspiration for your own Victorian romance mood board and colour scheme, I recommend turning to Pinterest. There are countless boards and images dedicated to Victorian-inspired weddings, allowing you to get a sense of what works well together and what you might like to incorporate into your own wedding day. You’ll find everything from Victorian-inspired hairstyles and makeup looks to invitations, centrepieces, and more.

Finally, while there are a variety of colours that work well for a Victorian romance-themed wedding, there are a few that stand out as particularly perfect for the occasion. Cranberry red, for example, is a deep and rich colour that is perfect for a romantic and opulent event. Forest green is another great option, particularly for an autumnal or winter wedding. Soft pink and blush tones can also work well, bringing a touch of femininity and sweetness to the event.

Victorian romance-themed wedding at Birkhill Castle

Fine Art Stationery

One of the most luxurious features of this wedding was the fine art stationery created by Daria from Wedding Artwork. Daria’s stunning custom designs were handpainted on beautiful paper stock, exuding luxury and sophistication. From the detailing in the monogrammed emblem to the envelopes’ watercoloured liners, it’s all about a timeless elegance that caters to the couple’s tastes. Daria customized every element, from the invites to the menus, making it unique.

Victorian romance-themed wedding at Birkhill Castle

Getting Ready

The anticipation, excitement, and nervousness that come with preparing for your wedding day can be overwhelming. Among all the hustle and bustle of makeup, hair, and putting on your gown, it is easy to lose sight of the real reason behind the wedding – you and your partner’s love for each other. But what if you could spend that time together, supporting and helping each other? What if you could make that day even more special by having a moment alone before the ceremony?

First, let’s talk about the benefits of spending more time together on your wedding day. Weddings are notoriously busy, with guests, vendors, and timelines to follow. By getting ready together, you can breathe and relax, supporting each other through the nerves and anxiety. That extra time alone can help create an intimate moment for both of you and a chance to be present and cherish each other before the day gets hectic. Your support of each other can create an even stronger bond that will carry through the rest of the day.

Another advantage of getting ready together is the opportunity to create beautiful photographs – a chance to capture those candid moments of love and intimacy. The photographs of you and your partner preparing for the wedding day will be among the most cherished of the event. Who doesn’t want to see their partner looking their best, surrounded by love and surrounded by joy?

The logistics of getting ready together can be easy – it can save transportation costs, reduce stress and ensure you both see each other before the ceremony. By keeping everything in one location, there is less rushing around, with all the benefits above. It makes for a more relaxed experience for both of you, allowing you to fully enjoy the day together.

One more benefit of getting ready together is that it can be a great way to personalize the wedding. You can create an atmosphere that reflects your style, taste, and bond. For example, if you are a fan of bygone times, you could go for a vintage look, with classic attire and décor. You could choose to indulge in a luxurious breakfast, take a walk in the park, or write love letters to each other. Whatever you choose, you are creating those intimate and memorable moments that will last far beyond the wedding day.

In conclusion, while getting ready together may not be the traditional way, it is an excellent way to spend more time with the person you love and is an easy opportunity to create intimate and unique moments that will make your wedding more special. You are creating a memory that neither of you will forget, and photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime. So, take a moment, breathe, and remember why you are getting married. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and there is nothing as special as sharing it with the person you love most in the world – side by side, together.

Victorian romance-themed wedding at Birkhill Castle


Indoor ceremony at Birkhill Castle

With so many stunning ceremony spots to choose from in Birkhill Castle – including grand staircases, drawing rooms with a French chateau look, and ballrooms with stunning views over the River Tay – where do you begin?

Indoor vs Outdoor

Your first decision is whether to opt for an indoor or outdoor wedding. Both options have their own unique charm, and the choice ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and the weather. If you’re looking for an indoor ceremony, the grand staircase and drawing room are both stunning options. The grand staircase is particularly striking, making for an unforgettable walk down the aisle. Meanwhile, the drawing room boasts a French chateau look and a cosy, intimate atmosphere.

However, if you’re feeling adventurous and the weather cooperates, an outdoor ceremony in the walled or woodland garden is a beautiful choice. The walled garden is a romantic space enclosed by ivy and brick, while the woodland garden boasts lovely wooded surroundings and a peaceful ambience. Whichever you choose, be sure to have a backup plan in case of rain or other unforeseen weather conditions.

Decor and Color Schemes

After selecting your venue, it’s time to start thinking about décor and colour schemes. No Victorian wedding would be complete without lush greenery and fresh flowers, so consider using branches of trees or ferns with an arrangement of dusty pink, orange, and yellow flowers for a subtle, yet elegant colour palette. Additionally, you can never go wrong with traditional Victorian elements such as candelabras, crystal chandeliers, and ornate antique furniture.

When decorating your chosen ceremony space, incorporate a mix of different textures and finishes to create a cohesive look. Consider using lace, velvet, silk, and other luxurious fabrics, accented by gold or rose gold finishes. Keep in mind that the key is to create a romantic, opulent atmosphere that will transport you and your guests back in time.

Flower Arrangements

Fresh flowers are essential to any wedding ceremony, and Victorian-themed weddings are no exception. In addition to selecting a colour scheme that matches your décor, consider incorporating a variety of floral arrangements in different sizes to add visual interest. You can also add statement pieces such as tall candelabras or extravagant centrepieces to make a bold statement.

In terms of flower varieties, roses, peonies, and hydrangeas are all excellent choices for a Victorian wedding. However, don’t be afraid to incorporate other types of flowers that may have been popular during this era, such as dahlias, ranunculus, and carnations.

Victorian romance-themed wedding at Birkhill Castle

Live Wedding Painting

Weddings are beautiful and magical events that highlight the beauty of love and union. Capturing every moment of the big day is essential, and there are many ways to do this. Photography, videography, wedding albums, and scrapbooks are all great ways to have treasured memories of your wedding day. However, there is a unique and charming way to preserve the memories of your wedding day through live wedding painting. One such beautiful portrayal by Wedding Artist, Daria is a beautiful example of a Victorian-themed wedding at Birkhill Castle.

Why having a live wedding painting on your wedding day is such a good idea?

Creates a Unique Experience
Having a live wedding painter at your wedding is an unforgettable experience. A professional artist can capture the essence of your wedding day in a way that photography and videography cannot. Their live paintings are a beautiful way to commemorate the day. The live painting will create lasting memories of your wedding day for both you and your guests.

Captures the Mood and Emotions of the Day
A live painting captures the mood and emotions of the day. The artist can paint the subtle nuances of each moment, capturing the essential elements that make your wedding unique. The painting is created in real-time, ensuring every memory is captured. The finished artwork can showcase the raw emotions, expressions and even the mood of the guests in attendance.

Personalized Artwork
Live paintings are personalized and customized to your wedding. You can work with the artist to determine what moments in the wedding you want to capture. They will work with you to understand the theme, colour palette, and overall vibe of your day. The end result is a masterpiece that is unique to your wedding.

A Beautiful Keepsake
The finished artwork is a beautiful keepsake that you will cherish for a lifetime. You can frame the painting and display it in your home, keeping the memories of your wedding day alive. The artwork is a beautiful way to share your wedding day with your friends and family even after the day is over.

A Focal Point for Reception Decor
A live painting can also serve as a focal point for reception decor. The finished painting can be displayed at the reception for your guests to enjoy. It can be a great conversation starter for your guests, who can share their memories of the day and what they experienced. Your guests may feel inspired to take pictures in front of the painting, further cementing the memory of your special day.

Victorian romance-themed wedding at Birkhill Castle

Couples Portraits

It’s essential to relax during your photoshoot if you want your natural beauty to shine through. The natural poses and expressions are the best, so take a deep breath and trust your photographer to capture those candid images that reflect your love and joy. Engage with each other as you would naturally do as you walk, talk, and hold hands. Don’t try to look too structured or stiff but allow yourself to enjoy the moment, connect with your partner, and let it show in the photos.

Victorian romance-themed wedding at Birkhill Castle

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it should be perfect. From the flowers to the music, every detail must be meticulously planned. Birkhill Castle in Fife, Scotland brings a unique atmosphere that’s perfect for untraditional weddings.

This Victorian romance-themed wedding was nothing short of a fairytale. I planned and styled the romantic wedding photoshoot to perfection. Alice, Bonny, Daria, Julie, Pawel, girls from the castle, the couple and Lyn Ashworth contributed their expertise, and the result was a breathtaking romantic style wedding that will always be remembered.

It was a pleasure to create this magical day for the beautiful couple. If you are an engaged couple who wants a unique and romantic wedding, then Birkhill Castle is the perfect destination. It is an artful, personal and enchanting place that will bring your love story to life.

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Victorian romance-themed wedding at Birkhill Castle

Planning & organizing: Bernadeta Kupiec

Photographer: Bernadeta Kupiec

Videographer: Fern & Heather

Venue: Birkhill Castle

Dress: Lyn Ashworth England

Florist: A Curious Arrangements

Cake: A Bonnie Wee Cake

MUA: Bonny’s Wonderland

Stationery: Wedding Artwork by Daria

Live Wedding Painting: Wedding Artwork by Daria

Jewellery: Sarah Brown Jewellery

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