Adventurous Couples Photo Session in Glencoe – Kerry & Jacopo

” Look deep

into nature 

and then you

will understand

everything better.”

A. Einstein


Silence … in the distance, you can hear the soft sound of guitar and flute … Kerry & Jacopo and their adventurous couples photo session in Glencoe. They were united by their love of music and food. Together, they form a harmonious duo not only privately but also professionally (JKL Duo).


Remember to get prepared for your adventurous couples photo session in the Scottish Highlands (not only in Glencoe):

  • comfortable shoes are a must-have,
  • layers – look amazing when it’s windy (and believe me it’s usually windy, sometimes more sometimes less),
  • neutral colours – the best for pictures in nature,
  • clothes and shoes for change – even if the weather forecast shows you a sunny and beautiful day it’s better to be prepared,
  • raincoat – as above – an umbrella is usually useless when the wind is really strong (I have only one special kind which is quite good but you might fight only against the wind and keep walking or keeping a huge umbrella in your both hands and try to walk against the wind – this option is good when you want to get some muscles),
  • some snacks and water (and carrots – maybe you’ll be the lucky one and meet a deer).

What else you might bring on an adventurous couples photo session in Glencoe? Good mood. And don’t be worried when the weather forecast shows a cloudy or rainy day – the pictures will look amazing with the dramatic sky and mountains as a backdrop for your pictures.

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