Laid-Back Wedding At One Of The Best Castles On The Scottish Borders – Cornea & Andrew

Cornea and Andrew dreamed about having a relaxed, intimate, laid-back wedding at Scottish Castle, one of the best castles on the Scottish Borders. It was a special day for them as the Cornea and Andrew’s families were meeting for the first time.

I love intimate, laid-back weddings. The atmosphere that prevails there is always very special. There is no stress, no rush. There’s joyful excitement and anticipation just before the ceremony. I felt the same at Auchen Castle. As Chris, the bride’s dad coolly put it, they were there together, a little blended family. Australia, South Africa, and Scotland blended together in a lovely castle setting.

For each wedding I shoot, I highlight my favourite moments that made this day like no other. Preparations beforehand and all the little gestures in between … 

The way Cornea and Andrew looked at each other during the ceremony. The laughter during the group photos. A flower girl who didn’t let me take a picture of her until the next morning, so I had to flex to gain her trust and let me take a picture. A magician who did such amazing tricks that everyone kept their eyes and mouths open in surprise. 

Shoes standing in the corner that some of the guests took off to keep them comfortable. Oh, and the dances! Remembering it now, I have a huge smile which makes my face ache. Andrew and Cornea taught their Australian family the ceilidh, a traditional Scottish dance.

Images From One Of The Best Castles On The Scottish Borders

Laid-back wedding in Auchen Castle
Laid-back wedding at Auchen Castle
Laid-back wedding at Auchen Castle

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