A Wedding In One Of The Most Famous Castle Wedding Venues In Perthshire

Fingask Castle is one of the famous castle wedding venues in Perthshire, Scotland. The castle from the 16th century is situated in Perthshire, less than a half-hour from Perth and Dundee and more than one hour from Edinburgh.

Why Consider A Perthshire Castle Wedding Venue?

Do you remember when you were a child and you wanted to become a princess and live in a castle? In my dreams, there was also a prince on a white steed, saving me from all oppression and holding me in his strong arms.

What if you could make your dream come true on your wedding day? A wedding in Fingask Castle, with your prince by your side and you wearing a beautiful wedding dress.

Fingask Castle offers a space for up to 200 guests. However, it depends on the number of guests, but you might choose between a modern pavilion, castle or beautiful garden for your ceremony. Just look at how charming the garden is! It’s the only such garden in Scotland. Alice from Wonderland would certainly be jealous seeing you wandering among the beautifully carved bushes alongside your chosen one.

The Charming Interiors of Fingask Castle

The room with orange walls on the top floor has a bathtub. Close your eyes and imagine yourself taking a relaxing bath in a tub full of foam or aromatic oil on the eve of your wedding … and afterwards you might jump into bed immediately after bathing. Isn’t that romantic?

Remember to go to the window and look at the beautiful view of the hills in the distance after you wake up the next morning!

You might choose a room with yellow walls, beautiful Victorian furniture and a standing mirror to stay during your wedding in that Scottish wedding venue. It may not have a bathtub in the room however, who would not want to wake up in a wooden four-poster bed in which princes slept centuries ago?

Imagine yourself going down, already wearing the wedding dress of your dreams. You look to the right and can see beautiful portraits in golden frames hung on the wall.

There is a library on the ground floor of Fingask Castle. Some of the books are around 400 years old. You can touch each of them, pick them up, and read at least a piece. The light gently falls inside through the windows creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Exit the library and enter the room on the left. The light coming through the windows illuminates the picture of the garden painted on the wall. The Victorian armchairs encourage you to sit down and remember the moment when you met your prince. On autumn and winter evenings you can warm up by the fireplace.

And that garden around Fingask Castle, one of the most famous castle wedding venues in Perthshire, Scotland! Depending on the season, you may come across snowdrops, daffodils and flowering shrubs. However, in various corners of the Fingask Castle pleasure garden, you will come across sculptures of literary and historical figures.

A wedding in Fingask Castle, Perthshire will definitely change your life. You won’t forget that day for the rest of your life!


I’ve always been infatuated with castles. Anyway, who doesn’t dream of getting married in a castle like Fingask Castle, for example? Romantic? Yes! If you are planning a wedding in Fingask Castle, or any other Scotland venue, contact me! It will be a pleasure to be a photographer at your wedding in Perthshire!

Venue: Fingask Castle
Dress: Flossy and Dossy
Scarf: Tartan Blanket Co.
Headpiece: TheHandMadeTiara
Makeup: Karolina Siwicka Makeup

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