Castle Wedding Venues Scotland – Craigievar Castle, Castle Fraser, Drum Castle, Crathes Castle


I love visiting castles. When I was living in Poland, I bought a map with castles and marked those that I had already visited. My love for castles remains. Each of them is different, hides different stories. Some mysterious, some romantic, sometimes stormy stories. Conspiracies, plots, intrigues. As I stand in front of each of them, I begin to imagine what life must have been like there. And yes, I must admit, there was a time when I was dreaming about getting married in a castle wedding venue.


I became entranced when I saw the pink walls of Craigievar Castle which is situated on the hills of Aberdeenshire. It looks like it was taken out of one of Disney’s fairy tales. It is whispered behind the scenes that it was an inspiration for “Cinderella”. Only the princess and the prince on a white horse are missing. And just look at it! This castle is a great choice for a castle wedding venue!


Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire. One of the largest Z-shaped castles and the greatest Castles of Mar. I wanted to see it again. I like that moment as I walk the path leading to Castle Fraser and piece by piece, it comes out more and more with each step. As if someone was playing an old movie on a reel on a projector.
While in Castle Fraser, visit the gardens. You will find there not only flowers and plants but also fruit and vegetables. Sit on one of the benches and close your eyes listening to the sound of the wind.

And if you’re planning your wedding in Castle Fraser, a castle wedding venue in Scotland, let me know! I dream to capture your big day in this place!

Castle Fraser wedding Scotland, Aberdeenshire wedding photographer
Castle Fraser wedding Scotland, Aberdeenshire wedding photographer


Drum Castle – the third castle on our route. Also located in Aberdeenshire. It is one of the oldest tower houses. What captivated me about this place? Garden. Wonderful! One of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. And how beautiful a wedding photo session would be here, right after the wedding at Drum Castle. Oh yes, if you dream of getting married in Drum Castle, one of the castle wedding venues Scotland, please contact me! We will create together magical photos!

If you love walking, definitely visit this place. There are four theme paths around Drum Castle. Unfortunately, I didn’t see foxes or red squirrels, but it was still worth it!


Crathes Castle, Aberdeenshire – the last castle on our list. Honestly, this one was already spontaneous. We still had some time, our legs were not tired, and the castle was still on our way home. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to the garden, it is only open until 4 pm. And we arrived at this time. And that’s why I need to visit Crathes Castle again. Even from a distance, the garden seemed charming. In addition, there are several forest paths around Crathes Castle of varying lengths. And I would love to walk the longest, several hours.

And if you’re planning your wedding in Crathes Castle, a Scotland castle wedding venue, let me know! I would love to pack my luggage and capture the wedding here!

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