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Tips and tricks to capture the best images at your own luxurious wedding.  

Are you planning a gorgeous outdoor wedding in some glittering far-flung destination? Or maybe an adventure elopement in a quiet corner of the world? If so, it’s an incredibly exciting time! The decisions you need to make come thick and fast as there can be so much to consider when putting together your day, but don’t worry — I’m here to help you through the process.

My expertise lies in capturing natural and romantic images, often in black and white, that encapsulate the moment and tell a story. This is what I pride myself on and I’ve learned an endless amount of tips and tricks that you can use at your own wedding.

Below you’ll find some wedding and elopement guides with my tips and advice on the best locations, venues, vendors, and everything in between. Ultimately, those decisions you make are about you putting a team together that you’re confident will be able to create a memorable day for you and your guests. These guides are designed to make those decisions that little bit easier, and your day — hopefully — that little bit more special.