Tentsmuir Forest, Fife Wedding Photographer

Forest Wedding Scotland – Tentsmuir Forest

I have always treated the forest as a second home. My dad worked in the woods, he was a lumberjack. And very often, on his days off, he took us there, learn us about the forest, its inhabitants. I knew…

Adventurous photoshoot in Tentsmuir Reserve, Tentsmuir Forest, by Bernadeta Kupiec

Adventurous Photoshoot in Tentsmuir Reserve

I am addicted to nature. Nothing calms me down more like the sound of the wind dancing between tree branches, blades of grass, playing hide and seek between the mountain tops, riding the sea waves.Moreover, my dad who spent almost…

Perthshire Photographer - Bridge of Balgie

Perthshire Photographer – Bridge of Balgie

One winter morning I went on a lonely trip to Bridge of Balgie, a tiny village in Perthshire. It was the best ride of my life. The road a few kilometres before the village became winding and very narrow, it…