Romantic Dolomites Wedding In Italy In September – Valentina & Daniele

A Dolomites wedding in September? Yes! The weather is still pleasant, although you may be surprised by snow or rain from time to time. 

And above all, I think this is the biggest plus, there are fewer tourists in the Dolomites in September. This means that most places are not so crowded anymore and you can have more beautiful places in Dolomites Italy to yourself. And, trust me, there are a lot of picturesque Dolomites photo spots to choose from.

Where Are The Best Dolomites Photography Locations?

The best Dolomites wedding locations don’t have to be the best known! I found this place on my first day in the Dolomites. And although I wanted to check out a different place for a photo shoot with Valentina and Daniele, I stayed with it. A lovely meadow dotted with wooden huts at the foot of a majestic mountain.

On the other side, we had a beautiful panorama view over little Italian mountain towns and villages.

Dolomites Wedding In September

The best photo spots in the Dolomites for a wedding

Dress: Flossy and Dossy

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