Dunsapie Loch, Edinburgh Elopement Photographer – Magda & Struan

”You’re my safe harbour in an endless stormy sea. You’re my shady willow on a sunny day. You’re sweet music in a distant room. You’re unexpected cake on a rainy day…” P. Rothfuss

Magda & Struan got married on the shores of Dunsapie Loch in Edinburgh, not so far from the extinct volcano Arthur’s Seat. Their elopement was very emotional and joyful. Even the Scottish weather wasn’t able to disturb this beautiful elopement near Dunsapie Loch.

Magda & Struan’s elopement in Edinburgh was unique. Even during the pandemic time, they were able to prepare an intimate elopement in Hollyrood Park, Edinburgh. Surrounded by the family, they read very personal vows, prepared by themselves.  You could feel in the air all these emotions, happiness and love. Magda is from Poland, Struan from Scotland. During the ceremony, they tied their own knot. It was prepared from coloured ribbons, which symbolised two different countries.


Arthur's Seat Edinburgh Elopement Photographer


Flowers: Artisan Dried Flowers – it’s a great idea to choose dried flowers. You can keep them in the vase in your room really long and every time when you look at them, they’ll remind you about that special day!

Celebrant: Onie Tibbitt

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