Editorial session in Edinburgh, Meow Studios – Julita London

Style: romantic, ethereal, modern – this is what the mood board which I created for this editorial session in Edinburgh, in Meow Studios looked like.

Model: Sarah

Dress: Julita London

MUA: Muadness (Hanna)

Hair: Victoria Mallon

Flowers: Veila Wray

Jewellery: Sarah Brown Jewellery


Dress: White Wisteria

Dress: Moon Vine

Dress: Gardenia


The light in Meow Studios was so different to the last time when we were there organizing an editorial session with Sarah as a model. And that was the best thing about this editorial. Even the day before, when I was in Edinburgh, the light was changing every few seconds with a strong wind blowing. Lana Del Ray’s songs played in the background as usual. Veira prepared a beautiful flower decoration at the piano, Hanna went crazy with makeup in shades of purple and Victoria made a romantic hairstyle that perfectly matched all three dresses.

Do you want to see some behind-the-scenes pictures?

Veira preparing flower decorations – when she added roses in cappuccino colour, blue and purple flowers (I am sorry but I’m not good with flowers names) the decorations started to look like meadow.

Hanna doing makeup – that purple eyeshadow and dark red lips look so gorgeous!

Victoria making the hair. I don’t know why but the braids looks always so ethereal and romantic. What do you think?

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