Epic Glen Etive Elopement Wedding – Brittany & Scott

Epic Glen Etive elopement wedding, Highland Wedding

Brittany and Scott’s Glen Etive elopement wedding was epic!

I arrived early as usual. First, I parked next to the Kingshouse Hotel (unfortunately, it’s one of the few places in Glencoe Valley where there is a toilet). I pulled out the blueberry box and ate almost all of it. I took a nap for 20 minutes. I fired up the car and headed to the right place. Glen Etive. One of the most distinctive and recognizable peaks in Glencoe Valley. And one of the most beautiful places for an epic elopement. The best part is that you don’t have to choose one location to enjoy beautiful pictures of Glen Etive elopement with that iconic mountain as a backdrop. Brittany and Scott chose a secluded spot with a small waterfall at the foot of the mountain.
I parked in front because there was a car coming from across the street. When it passed, I tried to back up and park backwards, but when I started manoeuvring, I noticed another car and a few behind it. A big black SUV. And Scott at the wheel. I smiled and waved to him. I drove back in front.

The Scott and Brittany family started pulling dark brown Ikea folding chairs, a large blue bag with decorations, a cardboard box with an arch to assemble, flowers to decorate from their cars. And so one by one, each of them carrying something in their hands, went to the place where the ceremony was to take place. All in comfortable shoes. Oh, I love it! A beautiful, elegant dress and white or navy blue sneakers on the feet. It looks beautiful!

Scott began to fold the arch. The rest of the family spread out the chairs, decorated them. They spread a rug on the ground, which Scott had decorated on both sides with rose petals. They also set up a small camera on a tripod to record the ceremony.

We just waited for Brittany to arrive. Late but she showed up. Oh, what a ceremony it was! It was truly epic Glen Etive elopement wedding. There were tears, joy, emotion, love …


Celebrant: Lorna Clarke

Flowers: Pretty Little Petals

Hair: Forbes Hair Salon East Kilbride

Make-up: Blunt Salon East Kilbride


Glen Etive is one of my favourite places for an elopement wedding. It is breathtaking. It looks best when rain clouds move lazily over the top. Please contact me if you are planning a Glen Etive elopement wedding. I will be very happy to help you choose the best place, and I will make this day stay with you forever in the form of beautiful photos and memories.

Epic Glen Etive Elopement Wedding - Brittany & Scott 1