Faroe Islands Elopement Photographer – Marita

Faroe Islands Elopement Photographer, Gásadalur

Faroe Islands elopement near the most famous waterfall, Múlafossur Waterfall in winter… Close your eyes and imagine the slopes of the mountains flowing straight into the Norwegian Sea, high and cliffs, rough sea windswept waves, grass roofs of houses. It is a beautiful place for the Faroe Islands elopement and you’ll never forget it. Not only because of this special moment in your life – an elopement on the Faroe Islands, but also because of the wonderful landscapes and natural wonders that surround you everywhere. Moreover, each of these breathtaking places in the Faroe Islands, where you might elope aren’t so far from each other. For example, start close to Múlafossur Waterfall in Gásadalur, then get into your car and stop in Bøur and finish at Trælanípan – everything on one island.


Tips – Faroe Islands elopement:

  • ask for permission – the Faroe Islands is privately owned. Most of the owners will let you enter to their private land and hike on trails but because of the tourism, which becomes more popular on the Faroe Islands most of the owners get angry when you get out of the trail and walk on their private parts,
  • fees to visit outdoor attractions – as I mentioned above, Faroe Islands are owned by inhabitants and most of the locations are paid. Don’t be surprised but if you want to hike for example the Kallur Lighthouse, you must pay (yes, it’s just the hiking but through the private land),
  • weather – Scottish weather is quite similar to the Faroe Islands. Layers, waterproof clothes, comfortable shoes. The temperature during the summer is about 15-20°C. During the winter months, it can drop to 3°C. I was there in March and the weather could change rapidly during an hour (strong wing, icy rain, hail, snow and of course the sun). During your Faroe Islands elopement be prepared for all kind of the weather,
  • accommodation – you can find a lot of charming places on Airbnb. Just be aware if you are planning the Faroe Islands elopement that during the season (June – August) the prices for accommodations seems to be higher and get fully booked quicker than during quieter months,
  • car rental – the price for renting a small car during wintertime might be £220 and above. What I will recommend adding to your list special winter tires – it will reduce your stress on the roads

Dress: Flossy and Dossy

If you are looking for Faroe Islands elopement photographer, then you are in the right place! I’m completely in love with this magical place! And can’t wait to visit it again! Just send me a message and I will start packing my cameras!

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