Epic Forest Themed Fingask Castle Wedding in Autumn – Caroline & Ivan

Caroline & Ivan’s forest themed Fingask Castle wedding in autumn was simply magical! 

Starting with the tables decorated by the bride and groom’s family with decorations that were handcrafted by Caroline. The green moss in the centre of the wooden tables was the base for the wooden stands on which there were pictures of forest animals. Thanks to them, the guests knew where to sit at the tables. 

There were also jars filled with moss, red rowan beads, and cones freshly harvested in the forest. The pine cones also served as a stand for the names of the guests. Next to each name was a wooden stand made by Caroline and a small packet of wildflowers seeds. A white lace ribbon was tied on the armrests of the chairs, and it was decorated with a bouquet of heather. The two-story cake was decorated with tiny, autumn oak leaves.

The Perfect Setting For Beautiful Fingask Castle Wedding Photos

The ceremony was held under a huge old tree. Caroline walked between the rows of chairs also decorated with jars of moss, pine cones, acorns, and other forest gifts. There were beautiful twigs decorated with white roses too. Caroline and Ivan’s ceremony was so beautiful.

Together in the procession led by Caroline and Ivan, the guests headed back to Fingask Castle for drinks and snacks. The small highway by the castle was filled to the brim with all the colours, conversations, and laughs of the guests.

There was even more laughter and music in the white marquee near Fingask Castle in the evening. The trees standing in the corner shone with delicate, warm lights in the shape of tiny flowers.


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