Scotland Quirky Wedding Photographer

Scotland Quirky Wedding Photographer – Romantic and Quirky Photography Workshop

The workshop with White Alice was my first and most important in my life. October 2013. I packed my suitcase and backpack and went by bus through half of Poland to Plock. Oh, it was a big undertaking and a wonderful adventure! My dreams came true!


For several weeks I was sitting and looking on the Internet for photo workshops that do not take place during the summer. Between April and October,…

Tentsmuir Forest Pre-wedding Photo Session, Same-sex couple pre-wedding photoshoot Scotland

Tentsmuir Forest Scotland Pre-wedding Photoshoot – Stephanie & Emma

Saturday. The sun decided to come out from behind the clouds that day. I drove my car to the parking lot at Tentsmuir Park Scotland for a pre-wedding photoshoot. A song from the Spotify playlist “Happy Hits!” was playing in the speakers. I opened my bag and pulled out two cameras. I attached them to the camera straps. By the way, I was looking for Stephanie & Emma. After a while, a car drove up with two laughing girls…

Delhi, Tartan Models - Edinburgh Fashion and Product Photographer, Edinburgh Portrait Photographer

Edinburgh Portrait Photo Session – Delphi, Tartan Models

So quiet. Almost no people in Edinburgh’s Old Town streets. The Old Town, which has always been teeming with life, with huge sidewalks of tourists, looks different. Honestly, I prefer them like that. I don’t like crowds. I move among people like tuna swimming in the river. As soon as possible, escape into a quiet side street. I am tired of the crowd.

I met with Delphi for a portrait photo session near St Gile’s Cathedral, Edinburgh Old Town….

Old Man of Storr Sunrise Photoshoot, Isle of Skye Photographer,

Old Man of Storr Sunrise Photoshoot – Stephen

Sunrise admired from the Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye. Why not? It’s worth it! A photoshoot with the sunrise on Old Man of Storr? Definitely!!

Woke up at 4. Nutritious breakfast so that I have the strength to climb the Old Man of Storr. I packed my backpack for a minimum: a bottle of water and dark chocolate just in case. Two cameras were waiting to be taken in a separate bag. Before leaving, I quickly looked at…

Cleo in Millia London tulle wedding dress, The Quiraing Isle of Skye Photographer by Bernadeta Kupiec, Isle of Skye Elopement Photographer

Isle of Skye Photographer – Cleo

When you enter the google search engine the Isle of Skye and go to the “Images” tab, you will see mountains that look like karpatka cake and a road winding upwards. I’ve been to the Isle of Skye four times, but it wasn’t until the fifth time that I was able to see this “painting” up close.

The Quiraing.

It looks beautiful in the pictures. Now imagine that you are standing there and looking at it with your eyes…

Stephen Wardlaw in Walker Slater man outfit, Isle of Skye Photographer, by Bernadeta Kupiec, Isle of Skye elopement photographer

Isle of Skye Photographer – Stephen in Walker Slater outfit

I love doing a photo session with people who have passion. Stephen’s is Scotland – his hometown, its history and culture. Oh, just go to his Instagram account and check it out! When I read his descriptions under each photo, I imagine myself sitting by the fire, wrapped in a woollen blanket with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine in my hand, and listening to them live. Above me, a starry sky, around me, gentle…

Isle of Skye Elopement Photographer, Sligachan Isle of Skye Elopement, The Quiraing Isle of Skye Elopement, the best locations to elope Isle of Skye,

Isle of Skye Elopement Photographer – Rebecca & Iain, Sligachan, The Quiraing

Scotland is famous for its rapidly changing weather. It rains for a while, soon the sun will come out, the sky will be covered with clouds, windy … But from time to time it will go wild. As it was during Rebecca & Iain’s Isle of Skye elopement some stormy Sunday. I got used to Scottish weather, especially Rebecca & Ian, who have been living on the Isle of Skye for a long time. But it was my first…

Isle of Skye elopement photographer, Isle of Skye places to elope, elope to Scotland, The Quiraing elopement

Isle of Skye Elopement Photographer – The Quiraing, Neist Point, Glen Brittle Forest

A spontaneous trip to the Isle of Skye. I was missing this place so much and to be honest, I just had to visit it. I have always associated this place with majestic mountains, fairies and peace. This time I visited the Isle of Skye without haste, I enjoyed it with all my senses.



I’ve been five or six times to the…

Adventurous Glencoe Engagement Photoshoot

Adventurous Glencoe Engagement Photoshoot – Alina & Niklavs

Alina & Niklavs adventurous Glencoe engagement photoshoot had a place in the Scottish Highlands in the autumn. Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. All these colours! The trees shimmer with warm shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. The Scottish Highlands are covered with a brown-green carpet made of heather and ferns.

Autumn is the most magical time of the year for adventurous engagement photoshoot in Glencoe or place in the Scottish Highlands! Alina &…

Glen Etive elopement, Scottish Highlands elopement, Forest elopement Scotland

Glen Etive Scotland Forest Elopement – Julija & Adam

I had a pleasure of photographing Julija and Adam in one of the most spectacular places in Scotland. Their Scotland forest elopement had a place near Glen Etive Road, a very narrow and curvy road famous from the movie about the famous agent, James Bond.

Julija and Adam get prepared for their forest elopement in a Victorian residence Creag Mhor Lodge. This charming Victorian-style lodge is situated about 20 minutes from Glen Etive.


Glen Etive is one of the…

Sarah & Tracey, same sex elopement, Isles of Glencoe Hotel

Isles of Glencoe Hotel Elopement – Sara & Tracey

Sara & Tracey eloped on the lochside of the Isles of Glencoe hotel. This was my first time at that hotel in Glencoe and it was such an amazing experience! It was the most relaxing elopement I have had the opportunity to photograph so far! All the wedding decorations were made by the girls. Most of the ideas for these DIY table wedding decorations were found on Pinterest. During the elopement on the shores of the loch near the Isles…

Steall Falls Rainy Engagement - Tally & Jack

Steall Falls Rainy Engagement – Tally & Jack


I met Tally & Jack at a photoshoot in Glencoe last fall. Oh, you can’t even imagine how happy I was when Jack texted me one night explaining that he would like to propose Tally and asked me to be the person who will capture their engagement.

We had a little intrigue. Tally only knew I wanted to do a photoshoot in the Fort William area. Jack and I chose Steall Falls. One of the most beautiful…