Ah, the romance of Florence! There’s something special about planning a wedding in this beautiful city. Whether you’re envisioning a small and intimate ceremony or an elaborate affair filled with friends and family, getting married in Florence can be the perfect way to celebrate your union. But there are many parts that make up the process of making that dream come true.

From choosing venues to finding vendors – it can be hard to navigate all of the steps involved in pulling off your nuptials without some guidance. In this post, I’ll give you all of the tips and advice needed to get it right – so if you’re considering having a destination wedding in Italy, let us show you how easy (and enjoyable) it is for couples who want to plan their own big day by tying the knot amongst breathtaking sites such as Michelangelo’s masterpiece David

Getting married in Florence

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Research wedding venues in the city – from historic churches and palaces to beautiful wineries and garden terraces, find a venue that suits you

Are you getting married in Florence? It’s a stunning city, full of spectacular venues and plenty of Italian charm. From historic churches to fabulous wineries and romantic garden terraces, it’s easy to find the perfect venue for your fairytale wedding – no matter what size or style you have in mind. Research your options carefully and don’t be afraid to get creative – getting married in Florence should be a memorable day that celebrates you as a couple!

Castello di San Fabiano

Whether you’re looking for a wedding venue that’s modern and luxurious, cosy and rustic, or simply breathtakingly beautiful, Castello di San Fabiano in Florence has it all. Located just minutes away from the Tuscan countryside, the 13th-century castle provides an exquisite wedding backdrop with its grand panoramic views of valleys and hills. Host your wedding ceremony in the stone courtyard, take wedding pictures ranging from great photo opportunities inside the castle to stunning outdoor views in the park, and customize one of the three banquet halls according to your wedding reception needs! For a wedding of distinction, look no further than Castello di San Fabiano – it’s the perfect wedding venue for any romantic setting in Florence.

Villa Le Corti

Villa Le Corti is the perfect wedding venue in Florence if you’re looking for a romantic atmosphere. The countryside villa boasts a unique outdoor wedding space many couples would dream of, with its rustic stone walls and bright sunflower fields that fill up the landscape around it. Inside, choose from the stunningly decorated 18th-century hall or the cosy family chapel to tie the knot in a truly magical wedding like no other. All of this, surrounded by the majestic Tuscan hills for an unforgettable visual experience and an atmosphere of love and joy.

Il Salviatino

If you are looking for wedding venues in Florence, look no further than the Il Salviatino. This stunning villa is nestled in the beautiful Tuscan landscape, where you and your partner can experience a wedding that is timelessly romantic and unforgettable. With classic Italian architecture, elegant halls and its very own chapel, this wedding venue offers couples plenty of options to make their wedding day as special and memorable as possible. From its picturesque gardens to the modern touches inside, there’s every opportunity for couples to plan their dream wedding at this gorgeous Florence wedding venue.

Villa Medicea di Lilliano

For wedding venues in Florence, Villa Medicea di Lilliano is a perfect choice. Set in the countryside near Florence, this venue features rolling hills of greenery and blooming flowers that make for an idyllic wedding setting and a romantic atmosphere. With its ancient chapel, elegant halls, and terraced gardens, it provides couples with a dream wedding location and picturesque backdrop for their wedding photos. Whether you’re looking to have an intimate wedding with just a few guests or a grand celebration with many people, Villa Medicea di Lilliano offers something for everyone — making it the ideal wedding venue in Florence.

Villa Tolomei

Villa Tolomei is a wedding venue in Florence that will take your breath away! With its exquisite Tuscan architecture, breathtaking views and lush gardens, it’s sure to make any wedding an unforgettable affair. Its stunning outdoor gazebo provides an idyllic atmosphere for saying your “I do”s while the villa’s interior delivers an Italian wedding ambience. Not to mention, the villa’s location offers easy access to all of Florence’s wonders, ensuring you and your guests are just steps away from amazing sights and unique cultural experiences. Whether you’re looking for a romantic elopement or a bigger wedding celebration, Villa Tolomei is the perfect place to start your happily ever after!

Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte

If you are looking for a wedding venue in Florence that will sweep both you and your guests off your feet, then the stunning Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte should be perfect for you. With its impressive balcony overlooking the surrounding Tuscan hills and beautiful courtyards for some romantic wedding snaps, this villa is the perfect backdrop for your special day. Complete with a modern ballroom, wedding retinue suites, and catering services, there’s nothing more romantic than getting married on the grounds of this historic sixteenth-century palace.

Villa Il Cerretino

Planning a wedding in Florence? Look no further than Villa Il Cerretino! This iconic wedding venue allows you to truly feel the romance of the city with its spectacular views of diverse landscapes. From rolling green hills and vineyards to the incredible beauty of Tuscany’s renowned architecture, you’ll be enchanted by this place. Situated in the heart of Florence, Villa Il Cerretino offers a luxurious wedding experience where everything is taken care of for your special day. With exceptional service now available online, it’s easy to see why this wedding venue has been chosen by so many couples looking to make their dream wedding a reality.

Villa di Maiano

If you’re looking for wedding venues in Florence with a grand sense of Italian luxury, then Villa di Maiano is the perfect place. Nestled on a hilltop in the hills north of Florence, the stunning villa offers spectacular views of the city and its breathtaking medieval architecture. As far as wedding venues go, it simply can’t be outdone: lavishly decorated interiors, lush gardens, and even a fountain in their central courtyard—the perfect setting for any wedding celebration! And once your special day is over, you’ll never forget the romance of saying your vows while surrounded by nature and magnificent architecture. Get ready to start planning your wedding at this incredible wedding venue in Florence!

Villa Merlo Nero

With wedding bells chiming in the distance, Villa Merlo Nero is the perfect wedding venue in Florence! From its tranquil gardens to its grand balconies offering romantic sunsets, this destination is ideal for an intimate wedding setting. The majestic architecture adds a hint of luxury – its courtyards and patios adorned with statues of Roman goddesses and marble pillars create an elegant vibe. Whether you’re saying your wedding vows on the picturesque lawn or celebrating in the lush gardens, Villa Merlo Nero is a truly breathtaking setting for your wedding day!

Villa Le Fontanelle

If you’re looking for the wedding of your dreams and feel that Florence is the perfect city to tie the knot, look no further than Villa Le Fontanelle. This breathtaking wedding venue offers charming views of the Tuscan landscape and a luxurious interior that will have your guests in awe. Make sure to take it all in, as photographs are not enough to capture the romance of this special wedding venue in Florence. And after your wedding day is complete, take a romantic stroll through the lush grounds while admiring the stunning lake view. With its unique characteristics, Villa Le Fontanelle creates an unforgettable wedding experience that you won’t want to miss!

Choose a wedding planner – they will take care of all the details and make sure everything runs smoothly

Planning a wedding in Florence can seem daunting and overwhelming. But with the help of a reliable and experienced wedding planner, getting married in the romantic city of Florence becomes a true joy. Not only will they take away all your worries by making sure all the details are taken care of, but a good wedding planner can also help make your special day that much more memorable. With their extensive experience and local knowledge, they know just what it takes to make getting married in Florence an unforgettable event that you’ll treasure forever.

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Have fun with your theme and decorations – use flowers, candles and lanterns to create a romantic atmosphere

Your wedding in Florence is a one-of-a-kind event, so your decorations should be just as special. Imagine getting married in the romantic city of Florence surrounded by beautiful flowers, flickering candles, and glowing lanterns – it truly could be a magical night! Don’t be afraid to let your creativity go wild while adding a touch of Italian appeal; imagine incorporating complementary colours such as pastel pinks or purples with gold accents like Italian coins or olive branches. You can even add in edible treats like Tuscan biscuits or artisanal chocolates to give your guests an extra special experience. Have fun with it and make it a truly memorable day as you say ‘I do’ immersed in authentic Italian charm!

Get creative with your food – Italians are known for delicious cuisine, so why not choose something traditional like risotto or pizza for your wedding meal

If getting married in Florence is your dream, why not get creative with your food and really embrace the Italian culture? Italians are renowned for their delicious cuisine and it’d be more than appropriate to choose something traditional like risotto or pizza for your wedding meal. Think about it, you would be getting married in the very city that is home to these iconic dishes – how romantic! Whether you might already be pasta connoisseurs or first-time adventurers in Italian cooking; one thing is certain: your taste buds will thank you.

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Pick out music that reflects the local culture, such as traditional Italian folk songs

Getting married in Florence means that you have the unique opportunity to spice up your ceremony with traditional Italian folk songs! You can impress your guests with music that is both romantic and representative of local culture. From the haunting beauty of a mandolin-filled ballad to something more upbeat, your celebration will be sure to transport them to a wedding in Florence. Showcase the Italian customs that mean so much to you by picking music that reflects the hidden corners of this amazing city.

Don’t forget to take pictures – get a photographer who can capture all the special moments of your big day!

When getting married in Florence, make sure you choose the perfect photographer to capture those special moments! You’ll get romantic photos of you and your partner, funny shots of your wedding guests and all the stunning backdrops Florence has to offer. Make sure this photographer knows what it takes to make your big day just perfect – after all, how often do you get a chance to tie the knot in such an incredible city?

GETTING MARRIED IN FLORENCE – HOW TO PLAN A WEDDING IN FLORENCE, ITALY/wedding photographer in Florence/ Fine Art Florence Wedding Photographer/wedding in Florence/Wedding Venue in Florence

Getting married in Florence is an experience unlike any other. From picking the perfect wedding venue to capturing all your special moments, the city has something for everyone. Step away from traditional wedding venues and try something unique—choose a historic church or palace in the heart of the city.

Local wedding planners can handle everything from decorations to catering. Get creative with your theme and decorations to make it truly romantic. Traditional Italian cuisine will ensure you have a memorable wedding meal while adhering to local customs with Italian folk songs for music will add an extra special touch. Don’t forget to capture these wonderful memories—find a wedding photographer in Florence that understands just how important photography can be for such a special event!