Glencoe Adventurous Couples Photoshoot – Eilidh & Jordan

No matter how many times I shoot in the Scottish Highlands, I never get bored of this. Every time the weather is different. Glencoe is a great place for and adventurous couples photoshoot!

The weather was very capricious on the day of Eilidh & Jordan’s adventurous couples photoshoot in Glencoe. It looked like the Scottish Highlands wanted to clean themselves of dust and dirt and prepare for the coming spring. Mountain peaks still sprinkled with snow, seemed to cry “it’s not time yet.”

Eilidh and Jordan live near Inverness. And they both are so in love with each other! We spent an amazing time wandering around Glencoe valley.


I’m in love with this place! And I’m ready for any adventure in Scottish Highlands! So yes, if you are planning a Glencoe adventurous couples photoshoot or in any other place in the Scottish Highlands, simply send contact me!

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