Are you an adventurous couple looking for a unique way to say, “I do”? Then look no further than the ancient city of Marrakesh. From Medina’s hustle and bustle to its renowned Red Rose City, this oasis in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains will have your hearts fluttering with excitement.

Whether you are just beginning to plan your special day or looking for a romantic venue far away from home, getting married in Morocco is sure to give you lasting memories and experiences. I can provide all the information needed on how to get married in Marrakesh – from local laws and regulations to where best to find everything for your special day!

Don’t miss out on planning a beautiful destination wedding that everybody will remember!


GET MARRIED IN MARRAKESH, MOROCCO/destination wedding in Marrakesh

Book a pre-wedding trip to Morocco

Planning your pre-wedding trip to Marrakesh, Morocco? Get ready for a whirlwind of fun, romance, and culture! This pre-wedding adventure could not be complete without wandering through bustling souks, lounging in stunning riads, or maybe taking a camel ride across the desert dunes.

Enjoy the sweet melodic tunes of traditional Gnawa music before starting your lives together. Make pre-wedding trips to Morocco an unforgettable experience prepping you for one of the most important days of your life!

Set a budget for your wedding in Marrakesh, Morocco

Planning your Marrakesh wedding can be so much fun, but how much will it all cost? Setting a budget is key if you want to avoid becoming overwhelmed and stressing out. You probably already know how much you can afford to spend and some of the big costs associated with your celebrations, such as food, an event space rental and entertainment, however, there may also be hidden extras that you need to consider.

Have an estimate in mind for how much a wedding in Morocco could set you back and modify your plans along the way – ultimately this doesn’t have to be a pricey affair! With some savvy budgeting, every couple can create their dream “I Do!” ceremony in Marrakesh.

GET MARRIED IN MARRAKESH, MOROCCO/destination wedding in Marrakesh

The legal part – what kind of documents do you need and why do most people choose to get married in their country and have a wedding ceremony in Marrakesh

Having a destination wedding in Marrakesh, Morocco is an attractive idea for many, and while it might seem like something that could be done easily, there are actually a few legal hoops to jump through in order to make the whole thing official. The document requirements can take some coordination; you’ll need birth certificates, passports and police affidavits, as well as full documentation of residence with current photos.

All couples who choose to get married in Marrakech must also have valid residency visas. Luckily, most people don’t let the daunting document collection hold them back from having their dream Moroccan wedding – the romantic and exotic atmosphere of Marrakesh makes it all worth it!

Book a venue in Morocco – decide between traditional Moroccan style, modern chic, or something else entirely

Making wedding plans in Morocco can be an exciting adventure! Whether you wish to say your vows at a traditional Moroccan-style wedding or trade it up for something more modern chic, there is no shortage of wedding venues in Morocco. For example, a wedding in a riad in the beautiful streets of Marrakesh offers spectacular views and romantic vibes for your big day. And if you’re feeling something else entirely, don’t worry!

There are plenty of unique and interesting wedding venues scattered all over the country of Morocco – all ready to host your perfect wedding. So take a leap and plan the wedding adventure of your dreams!

Beldi Country Club

A trip to Beldi Country Club is like taking a step back in time. This oasis of calm, located within the walls of enchanting Marrakesh, offers the perfect venue for your special day. With its lush gardens, tranquil lagoons and striking architecture, the Beldi Country Club has been voted one of the top wedding venues in Marrakesh. Make sure to take time out during your celebrations to share tender moments together amidst the beauty and tranquillity of this unique setting.


For a truly luxurious wedding experience, consider the stunning Amanjena Marrakesh venue. With its tranquil setting and traditional architecture, it’s no wonder why this venue consistently tops the list of top wedding venues in Marrakesh. From intimate ceremonies to glamorous receptions, couples can create their dream wedding surrounded by exotic greenery and timeless buildings that blend old-world charm with modern elegance.

Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable ceremony or a romantic walk under the stars, Amanjena offers it all with a relaxed yet romantic feel that will make your special day truly magical.

La Mamounia

La Mamounia is one of the top wedding venues in Marrakesh, Morocco and it will take your breath away! This luxury hotel is full of old-world luxury and charm and offers breathtaking backdrops of gardens filled with lemon trees, bougainvillaea, and palms. And yet there’s also an unmistakable sense of romance which makes it the perfect venue to tie the knot.

Its sophisticated style and lush landscape will make for a fun, relaxing atmosphere for your special day, where your loved ones can revel in the delightful sights and sounds that make this city unique. Whether you’re planning a romantic ceremony or a wild bash, La Mamounia is sure to provide everything you need for your perfect wedding.

La Pause

If you’ve been dreaming of an exotic Mediterranean wedding, Marrakesh is the perfect place to make your dream a reality. And within this vibrant Moroccan city, La Pause stands out as one of the top wedding venues. Boasting luxurious villas, dreamy gardens and tropical fruits, this unique venue provides all you need for a romantic atmosphere – each event is completely tailored to suit your individual needs and desires.

Whether it’s a sunset ceremony or a lavish party with friends, La Pause can make it magical. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable wedding location with touches of luxury and a pinch of spice, La Pause is the perfect spot!

Scarabeo Camp

Scarabeo Camp stands head-and-shoulders amongst the top wedding venues in Marrakesh, offering couples the opportunity to experience a truly romantic and unique atmosphere for their big day. Set in enchanting sand dunes and palm groves, Scarabeo Camp is a beautiful spot for couples, who can relax knowing that everything for their special occasion has been taken care of.

With its fascinating mix of cultures, delightful decor, and remarkable scenery, Scarabeo Camp assures a stress-free journey to the altar while creating an unforgettable time to remember and share with friends.

Kasbah Bab Ourika

For those looking for one of the top wedding venues in Marrakesh, look no further than Kasbah Bab Ourika. With its breathtaking views and stunning landscape, this magnificent location is ideal for romantic couples looking to create an unforgettable day. From cosy terrace seating to luxury spa treatments, this breathtaking venue provides all the necessary ingredients for a fairytale destination wedding.

Whether you’re after majestic views of the Atlas Mountains or want to celebrate your special day in a relaxed manner, Kasbah Bab Ourika has you covered. Looking for your own unique slice of romantic paradise? Look no further than Kasbah Bab Ourika!

Taj Marrakech Villa

If you’re looking for one of the top wedding venues in Marrakesh, look no further than the Taj Marrakech Villa. With stunning gardens, breathtaking architecture and a touch of modern opulence, this venue offers couples the ideal backdrop to bring their dream wedding to life. Perfectly situated in the heart of Marrakesh’s sprawling medina quarter, this unique venue features panoramic terrace views that will leave your guests breathless.

Whether you’re looking to keep it traditional or make a statement with unique decorations and entertainment, couples celebrated at the Taj Marrakech Villa are guaranteed an unforgettable celebration!

Riad el Fenn

Planning a wedding can feel like an overwhelming task, but if you’ve chosen Marrakesh as the location for your special day then luckily, Riad el Fenn is one of the top wedding venues in the city. With its stunning interior design, impeccable service and blend of culture and tradition, this enchanting venue is sure to make your big day truly memorable.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic celebration within the privacy of the walls or an outdoor gathering with breathtaking views of palm trees and historic monuments, you’ll find everything you need to make your dream wedding come true at Riad el Fenn. This luxury venue promises an unforgettable experience that will be cherished forever – after all, there’s nothing like getting married in the magical city of Marrakesh.

The Royal Mansour

If you’re dreaming of a romantic wedding in the exotic city of Marrakesh, then you need to check out the Royal Mansour. It’s undeniably one of the top wedding venues in the city and provides a truly magical setting for a special celebration.

The sprawling grounds are covered in lush gardens, creating a lush and romantic atmosphere for your big day. As if that isn’t enough, there is also luxury resort accommodation for you and your guests to enjoy after the celebrations have come to an end. So get ready to have the time of your life when you get married in Marrakesh at this amazing venue!

GET MARRIED IN MARRAKESH, MOROCCO/destination wedding in Marrakesh

Arrange a wedding party in Morocco – you can have friends and family attend your ceremony and/or feast afterwards

Getting married in Morocco is an exciting, beautiful experience – and why not share it with friends and family by arranging a wedding party? Adding that extra layer of celebration to the wedding ceremony itself and having a feast afterwards brings the whole experience to life.

Celebrating your wedding day alongside your loved ones only makes it all the more special. So if you’re planning a wedding in Morocco, set aside time for an intimate wedding party for yourself and your guests – a romantic and unique setting for a truly unforgettable occasion.

How to dress for a wedding in Marrakesh – modern romantic wedding dress

There’s no mistaking a wedding in Marrakesh – the colourful city is breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly romantic! If you’re attending a wedding in Marrakesh, it’s important to take the time to find a perfect wedding dress that radiates modern romance. Look for dress material with plenty of flow and movement, along with intricate embroidery and embellishments.

Accent your look with the best accessories – gold jewellery can make all the difference – while airy fabrics like chiffon and tulle add an extra touch of beauty. And remember to have fun when you’re looking for your wedding dress- it’s not just a wedding outfit, it’s a piece of art!

GET MARRIED IN MARRAKESH, MOROCCO/destination wedding in Marrakesh

The wedding ceremony rituals – from religious ceremonies to modern traditions

A wedding in Marrakesh is a unique and romantic experience that combines both traditional wedding rituals, such as religious ceremonies, with modern wedding traditions. There are many wedding ceremony options to choose from, depending on the bride and groom’s personal tastes, preferences, and beliefs.

Traditional weddings often include rites of passage such as henna decoration while other ceremonies may be conducted in a nearby garden or even at a cascading waterfall. Wherever you decide to have your wedding ceremony in Marrakesh, it can become an unforgettable occasion full of warmth, joy and love that will be remembered for years to come.

Decorating for the wedding – how to incorporate Marrakesh’s traditional colours, designs, and motifs

When you get married in Morocco, there’s one thing everyone will remember—the stunning decor! From majestic grand halls to intimate outdoor settings, Marrakesh offers the perfect backdrop for any special occasion. To really pull off this special event, you need to get creative with incorporating local style and tradition.

Traditional Marrakech wedding decor is all about bold primary colours like deep reds, vibrant blues and greens, plus subtle touches of yellow. Also, look for regional patterns like geometric designs and tiling-inspired motifs that capture the spirit of this desert oasis. You can even get traditional lanterns and lamps to light up your special day and create a romantic atmosphere under the stars. With these Marrakesh-inspired pieces, plus plenty of cheerful music and authentic cuisine – your wedding is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

GET MARRIED IN MARRAKESH, MOROCCO/destination wedding in Marrakesh

What food will be served – learn about Moroccan cuisine and the must-try dishes if getting married there

Moroccan cuisine is some of the most unique and flavorful you’ll find anywhere, making it perfect for celebrating a special day like a wedding! From tagine to couscous, Moroccan cuisine is known for its distinct tastes and fragrant aromas. Among the must-try dishes are zaalouk – an eggplant dip made with tomatoes and garlic – and harira – a tomato-based soup served on special occasions.

These dishes alone can bring an extra dose of romantic ambience to your Marrakesh wedding – not to mention pastillas (savoury pastries filled with meat), Moroccan bread and more. After tasting all these amazing flavours, Moroccan weddings are sure to be remembered for years to come!

Planning the honeymoon in Morocco – getting around in Marrakesh, accommodation options, and more

Planning the honeymoon is an important part of organizing your marriage, and what better way than to honeymoon in Morocco? There’s so much to explore and experience in Marrakesh – from taking a ride on horse-drawn carriages to discovering the ancient bazaars full of exotic spices, there will be plenty of adventures for you and your partner.

When it comes to accommodation, you can choose between lavish palaces with bubbling fountains and rooftop terraces, or traditional riads with authentic Moroccan design. No matter where you stay, make sure to treat yourselves by getting a couples massage or indulging in delicious cuisine – honeymoons are all about special memories after all!

GET MARRIED IN MARRAKESH, MOROCCO/destination wedding in Marrakesh

Getting married in Marrakesh is definitely a memorable experience. From choosing the perfect venue to selecting traditional clothing and planning a unique ceremony, your wedding day will be filled with colourful experiences that reflect the unique culture of Morocco. Decorating with traditional colours and motifs can also add special touches of Moroccan style to your wedding festivities. And no destination wedding is complete without tasty cuisine, so guests will enjoy exploring Morocco’s flavours on their special day.

After the vows and cutting of the cake, why not plan an unforgettable honeymoon in Marrakesh? This vibrant city has plenty of options for getting around, luxurious hotel accommodations, and tourist sites you won’t want to miss. Consider planning a destination wedding in Marrakesh – after all, you deserve to have an exotic experience worthy of your big day!