Inspiring Scotland adventurous mountains elopement dress – Mirka Bridal

When choosing a dress for Scotland adventurous mountains elopement remember about:

  1. You must love the dress for your adventurous mountains elopement. You usually get married once in your life, so choose the dress you’ve always dreamed of.
  2. The dress for your adventurous mountains elopement must be comfortable – oh, very comfortable. Remember that you will be climbing. Perhaps with a bouquet and a woollen blanket thrown over his shoulders. So it’s good to be comfortable with you going and holding the dress in your hand. You can also think about a dress ending several centimetres in front of the ground.
  3. The best for hiking are light and airy fabrics – there is nothing worse than a heavy dress that pulls behind you and makes your every step an additional challenge. In addition, on a warm day, the dress is made of light material, which additionally flutters in the wind will make it more pleasant for you.
  4. For adventurous mountains and boho elopements, the lace is a great choice – a good fabric will prevent the dress from catching on the heather and other bushes growing on the slopes of the mountains. Look at the flower lace dress. Underneath, a very wide tape is sewn on, which makes the dress almost flow on the slopes of the mountains. The dress is also very light even though the train is longer.
  5. Make sure you can run, dance, climb etc. in your dreamy adventurous mountains elopement dress – the first dance in the mountains? Why not. A ceremony halfway to the top and then reaching the top?




Dress: Mirka Bridal

Model: Cleodi

Location: Isle of Skye

What do you think about these dresses? Aren’t they beautiful? All of them are such a great choice for your Scotland adventurous mountains elopement. Imagine yourself wearing one of them and getting married between mountains. Feeling the freedom and wilderness.

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