Beautiful Intimate Wedding at Kirkton House, Huntly – Angele & Mark

Angele and Mark’s wedding at Kirkton House, Huntly was very intimate. The main colour was green – Angele’s favourite colour. Angele and Mark’s shoes were green. Green was the colour of Angele’s daughter’s dress and the ukulele that played when Angele left Kirkton House to stand opposite from Mark. 

The ceremony was held under a tree with the mountains as the backdrop. Afterwards we drove to a nearby forest. They both love to spend time outdoors and pine forests are their favourites. They were not afraid of rain and wet shoes! We spent a wonderful time in the bosom of nature, surrounded by pine trees.

Angele and Mark dreamed of an intimate wedding somewhere in Scotland. Even with the restrictions on travelling from France to Scotland at that time, they were determined to come and go on a 10-day quarantine. They didn’t want to postpone their intimate wedding at Kirkton House, Huntly.

A Kirkton House Wedding Full Of Joy, Happiness, Tears & Gratitude 

What an intimate wedding it was! During the ceremony not a single drop of rain fell, although it was raining from the very morning. Tears of joy poured down when Angele and Mark finally exchanged their wedding rings and tied the knot. Tears of sorrow as well, since not all of their loved ones could be with them in Huntly that day. But they were with them that day even at a distance.

These emotions could be felt throughout the Kirkton House. While decorating the table with wildflowers picked from the garden, playing with sons, humming songs from the playlist under his breath, playing on the ukulele.


Kirkton House wedding planner: Gabrielle Plasman

Huntly Florist: Kim Dalish Florist

Celebrant: Ashton

Hair/Makeup artist: BBony’s Wonderland

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