Breathtaking Old Man of Storr Sunrise Photoshoot – Stephen

Old Man of Storr Sunrise Photoshoot, Isle of Skye Photographer,

Sunrise admired from the Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye. Why not? It’s worth it! A photoshoot with the sunrise on Old Man of Storr? Definitely!!

Woke up at 4. Nutritious breakfast so that I have the strength to climb the Old Man of Storr. I packed my backpack for a minimum: a bottle of water and dark chocolate just in case. Two cameras were waiting to be taken in a separate bag. Before leaving, I quickly looked at PI, who with a blissful smile on his lips, covered with a warm duvet, was in the land of Nod. I closed the door and entered the night. I looked up and smiled to myself. The soft clouds moved slowly across the sky, occasionally letting the stars blink at me. I got in my car, turned on the navigation, and set off to meet the sunrise. Stephen was waiting in the parking lot outside the Old Man of Storr. The refreshing chill of the night helped to wipe any sleep from the eyelids. We put on backpacks, headlamps, and slowly started our journey. Step by step, forward. The shining stars in the sky watched us from above. I can safely uncheck another dream from my list. Although … No, I’ll leave them for yet. I want to climb with the stars more often. From time to time we stopped for a moment to take a deep breath. Step by step … The void around us. There were only silence and our voices from time to time. We made it to the top. Sweaty, but with a big smile on our faces. An older man was already standing there with a camera on a tripod. He was also waiting for the sunrise. He did not press the shutter button. He just stood there and looked through the viewfinder from time to time, setting the camera up. After a while, we noticed another person. Higher. He was also waiting for sunrise at the Old Man of Storr …


No, it wasn’t my first sunrise on the Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye. I was here a year ago with my parents. And it certainly wasn’t my last time! How about an adventure, climbing in the dark under a sky dotted with stars? Old Man of Storr Sunrise Photoshoot? Contact me, I will be happy to go with you!

Breathtaking Old Man of Storr Sunrise Photoshoot - Stephen 1