Pentland Hills Elopement Photographer – Emili & Frederic

“We found each other
in this crazy and messed up
and beautiful world
because we belong together,
we belong in each other’s arms and we are connected
by more than love, by
more than commitment, by
more than even fate itself
for the simple reason
that your presence is the
only thing I will ever
truly want.”


There is nothing more beautiful than love. Emili and Frederic met on the Internet. In the beginning, both of them wanted to improve their language skills. But they fell in love. Emili is Brazilian and Frederic Norwegian. Both of them live in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh.

They have a romantic and complicated story about their wedding, which ended with an escape to the registry office, with only two of them and their witnesses. They didn’t have a proper wedding session after all so I’m really glad that I was the person who captured them.

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