Portugal Wedding Photographer – Madeira, 8 days on a Beautiful Island Of Eternal Spring


Madeira. The island of eternal spring. Why, instead of Iceland, did we end up on it? Well, I saw an image on the Internet about two years ago and it was love at first sight. Hawaii of Europe. An island that was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption. The highest peak is at an altitude of 1862m, but as much is under the water surface.

Pawel and I planned to spend 7 days in Madeira, but nature thwarted our plans and we were given two extra days as a gift.


Ponta De São Lourenço – the easternmost cape in Madeira. You will find the only trees by the tiny restaurant. From a distance, it looks as if you saw an oasis surrounded by palm trees after a long hike.
We spent one day on it. We enjoyed every cliff, every wave splashing against the rocks. I have always been fascinated by the forces of nature, so being in this place made me feel so happy. And so tiny at the same time. I can’t describe it to you.

PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER – DAY 2 – PR1 hike from Pico Do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo

Yes, I am afraid of heights and I fight it all the time. The route from Pico do Arieiro do Pico Ruivo was my challenge. In the very beginning, it runs along the ridge. A short one. But it was the biggest challenge for me. A narrow path, metal ropes on both sides to prevent falling. I went through the first part staring at the shoes of Pawel walking in front of me. Metal ropes marked chasms on both sides. I was clutching the poles in both hands and I wanted to go through this piece as quickly as possible. Stairway to Heaven. Instagram’s “must-have”. Honestly, I am sorry that instead of savouring and collecting every moment, some people collect photos from other Instagram-popular places. We saw a few such people on the trail – they quickly went out of the car, went to the location from the Instagram location list, took a photo in a summer dress and get back to the car.
Never mind. We spent the whole day on PR1. We started at sunrise. In places hidden in the shade, it was frosty, when we went out for a piece rubbed by the sun we felt hot. From time to time we saw frost on the plants along the trail.

We walked along the precipice, through tunnels, and up steep stairs. We passed a place with dead trees, thanks to which we knew that our destination was not far away. Until we came to the sign of Pico Ruivo, 100m. After a dozen or so minutes, another sign said the same.

On the way back the clouds appear. It was nice to watch them hug the tops of the highest peaks and hide them in a white cloud.


We planned one day for natural swimming pools in the north of Madeira. We wanted to enjoy the trip more and spend every moment more thoughtfully. Take it easy, without rushing, without feeling like we have a long list of places to visit.
We also went to a few viewpoints on the west of the island.

PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER – DAY 4 – Monta Palace Madeira & Levada dos Maroços

Monte Palace Madeira – one of the most beautiful botanical gardens I have ever seen. We spent almost three hours in it. We could see all kinds of plants: from huge ferns and monsteras to various types of orchids, palms and flowers. The Japanese garden made a great impression on us.

After coffee and cake, we went east of Madeira, to the Machico area. After visiting Venice and morning walks, during which we had the opportunity to see what the everyday life of the inhabitants looks like, I love the other, not Instagram perfect, not ideal but the natural side of every place we visit. The everyday one.

During the walk along the Levada dos Maroços, we had the opportunity to see how the inhabitants use every possible piece of fertile, volcanic soil for cultivation. No matter that it is on a steep slope, the inhabitants have their own ways of growing bananas, fruit and vegetables.


Vereda Do Larano – another place where I had to fight my fear of heights. We went there because I asked Paweł to choose a place he would like to see. I didn’t admit to him that I really wanted to walk Verada Do Larano, but after watching a few videos, I got scared. And so we landed on a tiny street where we parked the car. We took walking poles and went for a long walk. The crowing of roosters and croaking frogs accompanied us that early morning – their singing echoed down the valley we were walking along. And we got to the first point where we ate the bananas we had bought the day before on the levada we were walking.

The views were breathtaking at every step. And yes, it was worth overcoming my own fear and going this route. I also made an interesting discovery – when the chasm is on my right, I stick as close to the mountain wall as possible. But when the chasm is on my left, I’m not so scared …

PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER – DAY 6 – Caldeirão Verde, Fanal Forest, Cabo Girão

This was supposed to be our last day in Madeira. We did not know yet that the rainy weather in the north of the island heralded the arrival of a storm that delayed our departure by two days. We took it very slowly – seeing a few places we didn’t have time for before. And Fanal Forest, again – because the first time we were there, right after landing, it was not enough.

We got soaked that day but as well we had a very delicious pizza and pasta with a spicy parmesan sauce to make us warm.


We did not plan to see the capital of Madeira – Funchal. We chose mainly places in nature, not in the city. The storm that came over Madeira at night changed our departure plans and plans for visiting Funchal. Taking turns walking and running looking for shelter from the rain, we took a short walk along the oldest part, had a local drink Poncha and ate for the first time dragon fruit.

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