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Destination Wedding Photography Packages 

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One day in the not-too-distant future, you’ll stretch up and take a heavy album from your shelf. You’ll curl up in your favourite armchair with a glass of Merlot and slowly turn the pages. A soft smile will flicker across your lips as each page brings back a flood of memories. And right there in your chair, in the midst of your daily life, you’ll be whisked back to the most amazing day of your life.

That’s the magic of intimate wedding photos. Like the enchanted objects they are, they conjure up memories of moments long-forgotten. The moment you nervously looked at yourself in the mirror in your beautiful white gown, with hair and makeup fit for a goddess. The moment you walked down the aisle, bouquet in hand, looking into the eyes of your soulmate waiting for you at the altar. Your first kiss. Your first dance. A joke shared with a loved one now departed. 

Your wedding photos won’t just document your day. They’ll give you neverending chances to experience it again, and give you a glimpse of the person you were on that day and all that lay before you.

That’s why choosing from the best wedding photographers in Scotland is one of the smartest decisions you’ll make for your wedding day. Because the story we can tell together will be the one you’ll be reliving for years to come.

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Are you looking for a professional who can capture emotional wedding photography? Someone who specialises in non-traditional wedding photos? Well, then you’ve knocked on the right castle door because that’s exactly what I can help you with.

I’m lucky enough to live in Scotland, one of the most magical locations in the world … where misty valleys and bewitching castles make for incredibly romantic wedding photos. 

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Bohemian wedding elopement in Glencoe in July

Elopements are a perfect choice if you prefer a unique and more intimate experience. Perhaps traditional weddings aren’t your thing or you simply want a wedding day entirely on your own terms.

This will be the adventure of a lifetime — a truly romantic day focused solely on your unique connection — as you take the first steps towards your future together as a couple.

Your lifetime adventure deserves a gorgeous backdrop! Choosing a memorable location and setting for your wedding is such an integral part of elevating your day as well as your photos. It’s something that deserves to be well considered.

So whether you’re looking for an elopement wedding in Scotland or somewhere beyond, I’d love to help you chronicle your special moments.

Cairngorms National Park, Loch Muick elopement

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Summer Scotland engagement photography in Cairngorms

Whether it’s your engagement photoshoot, your first trip to Scotland, your honeymoon or maybe even a surprise proposal, I’d love to capture the next chapter in your story.

Whatever the occasion, it’ll be a wonderful few hours for you to relax, have fun and enjoy each other’s company, while also coming away with exceptional photos that you treasure until well into the future. 

If you’re not familiar with Scotland, I’m more than happy to give you some advice or guidance around the best photo spots. Wherever we go, you’ll be instantly besotted with this wild, romantic, and stunningly beautiful country I call home.

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