Rainy Edinburgh Couples Photoshoot – David & Mark

Monday morning. David & Mark’s rainy Edinburgh couples photoshoot. Falling heavy rain created a small river that flowed with pavements and streets. I waited for Mark and David in The Milkman. I ordered a large covered biscuit on one side chocolate. Mark and David got married a few days earlier in Gretna Green, and in Edinburgh spent their Honeymoon.

At the Milkman, David and Mark ordered coffee and sweets. We chatted for a while and took a walk around St Gile’s Cathedral, Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh Castle, ending at Circus Lane. At first the sky was cloudless, but halfway through it started to rain.


I love rainy days. This is my favourite kind of weather. So if you are a fan of that kind of weather and would like to go for a walk through Edinburgh Old Town streets for your rainy Edinburgh couples photoshoot contact me. We will create magical memories together.

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