Relaxed Ravensheugh Wedding – Marion & Evan

Marion and Evan’s Ravensheugh wedding was very relaxed. Oh, what a day it was! Because the family and their friends were to come from France two weeks before the wedding, we did not know if it would take place at all.

On Friday August 20th we made our way to the summer outdoor wedding at Log Cabin at Ravensheugh. It was going to be a beautiful day — some sun, gentle breeze, clouds and rain for the evening. 

We passed the first gate. We were greeted by the “Evan & Marion wedding” sign. After the next bend a “Parking” sign and an arrow led to “Log Cabin at Ravensheugh”. A magical corner appeared to our eyes. As I rode with Marion, I could see the whole picture in front of my eyes. Moreover, I met them at the end of June and we walked around the venue.

A Rustic Ravensheugh Log Cabin Wedding

Marion and Evan described to me what and where would be. The reality turned out to be even more beautiful! Rustic-style wooden tables stood to the right under a huge tree. 

On one side, there were beads of lights that were to be turned on in the evening. The white tablecloths on the tables danced gently in the wind. A hammock was suspended between the trees. There were baskets with warm blankets in two places. 

On a small table under a tree were three 5 litre bottles filled with water, peach, and lemon lemonade. The wooden wedding arch faced Bass Rock, crowned with a round wreath of dried flowers. Chairs stood on either side of it, forming a semicircle. Hand-made triangular garlands fluttered over the fence. As you can imagine, Ravensheugh Log Cabin wedding photography is incredible!

On the right side, there were six large tents for the guests. In front of each, there was a sign with the name of the Scottish village on the tent. Some people also lived in Aviemore and some in Glencoe. There was also Edinburgh.

A Ravensheugh Wedding With A Relaxed Atmosphere & Views Of The Sea And Beach

There was a very relaxed atmosphere around. The boys were playing Pétanque. Some friends and family members relaxed in the hammock. Some of them ate breakfast in the open air. Some helped to prepare the snack table. No stress. No timeline. We only knew what time the hairdresser was going to be, the ceremony was going to take place, and what time the food truck was due.

At lunchtime, we each got a bamboo plate and fork. Two enormous bowls of pasta with pepper and salt were brought to the table. Some people ate standing up, some sat on a leather sofa, and some at the table. We just sat down on the grass. A simple lunch with the most beautiful view of the blue sea and the beach.

Time passed slowly at this summer outdoor wedding in Scotland. One by one, people headed to the tents only to reappear in elegant clothes. All the boys wore kilts. Marina and her two friends were preparing themselves in a cream-coloured tent that stood a little out of the way. They were laughing and getting ready for the ceremony.

It wasn’t Friday the thirteenth, but the celebrant’s car broke down and the ceremony was delayed (and this is the best thing about an intimate wedding – no one was stressed about it. The preparations were made calmly. There was just more time to talk with long-lost friends and family). Then mom and Marion were attacked by flying ants. There were a lot of laughs!

Get in touch if you are planning a wedding at the Log Cabin at Ravensheugh. I’ll feel honoured to tell your beautiful love story!

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