Relaxed Dalswinton Village Hall Wedding – Heather & Dean

I started posting about Heather and Dean’s intimate Dalswinton Village Hall wedding again. Because the first one I wrote had no emotional value. Because it wasn’t telling me how special, relaxed and full of joy that day was. Starting from the venue Heather and Dean chose for their intimate wedding. This place meant a lot to them. When we first met in 2020 and then, a month before their wedding, they recalled how Dean spent his time exploring the Dalswinton Estate. How many memories he and his friends created here.
The red-painted church of Dalswinton Barony Church was also not chosen by chance. Heather and Dean dreamed of having Wes Anderson’s theme wedding.
One of the stories read by Lindsey, the celebrant stuck in my memory. Do you want to hear? Excuse me, read it? One day, Dean went shopping with a list of what to buy. One item, I don’t remember exactly which … Maybe it was wine? Never mind, one of the items on the list was not very detailed. Unwilling to buy the wrong product, Dean wrote a message to Heather. He waited and waited for an answer. Because Heather has a habit of not responding to messages. Yes, she reads them, but she doesn’t answer. So Dean was waiting in the store for a few long minutes. And it finished that he had already bought both types, just in case.
What else do I remember? It’s how Dean read the speech. He thanked his mom and at one point he gently touched her shoulder. It was very touching. It’s how everyone willingly danced to the songs played by Grant Dinwoodie. Two people ended up on the floor. One while dancing cèilidh. Very tasty food that Paweł and I had the opportunity to eat. Delicious vegan haggis and brownies made of dark chocolate, topped with chilli and toffee sauce and decorated with strawberries. The guests sang a song out loud with the band and danced so intensely until their forehead was pouring sweat. Girls danced barefoot because they had so much fun taking off uncomfortable high heels.



Venue: Dalswinton Village Hall / Dalswinton Estate Weddings

Dress: Unbridaled / Catherine Deane

Flowers: Emma Pagan of Contry Flowers

Hair (Frida Khalo inspired): Lotties

Makeup (vintage inspired): Laura Millar Makeup

Cake: Cakes by Agnes

Harpist: Philippa Smith

Band: Grant Dinwoodie

Caterers: Hullabaloo To You

Wedding Car: Excalibur Limos

Hired décor: Vintage Gathering

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