Scotland Adventurous Couples Photographer – Tally & Jack, Three Sisters

“If I should think of love
I’d think of you, your arms uplifted,
Tying your hair in plaits above,
The lyre shape of your arms and shoulders,
The soft curve of your winding head.
No melody is sweeter, nor could Orpheus
So have bewitched. I think of this,
And all my universe becomes perfection.
But were you in my arms, dear love,
The happiness would take my breath away,
No thought could match that ecstasy,
No song encompass it, no other worlds.
If I should think of love,
I’d think of you.”

William Shakespeare

Tally and Jack’s Glencoe adventurous couples photo session

Top of the Three Sisters sprinkled slightly with snow, cold wind dancing in the Glencoe Valley and them, Tally and Jack – so in love with each other.


Glencoe has a special place in my heart. It looks beautiful in all conditions, but for me, the most beautiful is when the clouds cover the peaks, from time to time the sun will appear and dance on the slopes. Or when the whole valley is hidden in low, rainy clouds, and you are standing below and wondering what has hidden above.

Have you planned your Glencoe adventurous couples photo session and you are looking for a Scotland adventurous couples photographer? Send me a message.

Glencoe is one of the most spectacular places in Scotland, so no wonder why so many couples choose it to elope.

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