Glen Dye Cabins & Cottages elopement, Bridge of Dye elopement, boho same-sex elopement Scotland

Glen Dye Cabins and Cottages Elopement, Relaxed Boho Same-sex Elopement Scotland – Jade & Chloe

Have you ever thought about Glen Dye Cabins & Cottages elopement? Jade & Chloe relaxed boho same-sex elopement Scotland was AMAZING!

I have passed Glen Dye Cabins & Cottages a few times now and I wouldn’t even think it was there. It seems to be on the main (side) road but it is quiet and cosy there. I parked my car and walked through the gates marked “Private”. And so I entered a different world. Oh yes, I could…

Rainy Edinburgh Couples Photoshoot

Rainy Edinburgh Couples Photoshoot – David & Mark

Monday morning. David & Mark’s rainy Edinburgh couples photoshoot. Falling heavy rain created a small river that flowed with pavements and streets. I waited for Mark and David in The Milkman. I ordered a large covered biscuit on one side chocolate. Mark and David got married a few days earlier in Gretna Green, and in Edinburgh spent their Honeymoon.

At the Milkman, David and Mark ordered coffee and sweets. We chatted for a while and took a walk around…

Intimate Quiraing elopement

Intimate Quiraing Elopement – Nicole & Joseph

Relaxed, emotional, beautiful. This is how I could describe Nicole and Joseph’s intimate Quiraing elopement. It was one of the most emotional elopements I’ve been able to witness. I almost had tears in my eyes as well. The Quiraing is a magical place for an elopement. Mountains forming interesting lines and bumps that create an even more dramatic view on a cloudy day. At its foot, surrounded only by Toby and Sam, their closest friends, Rona, my husband…

Beautiful Steall Falls Elopement

Beautiful Steall Falls Elopement – Kate & Gareth

It was such a beautiful Steall Falls elopement.

Kate looked like a fairy. The layers of tulle on the skirt began pale pink and ended with a biscuit colour. This one was on top. Oh, how they waved wonderfully with every step and gust of wind. The long sleeves of the lace top danced in the breeze with every movement of the hands. A delicate wreath of dried lavender adorned Kate’s short hair.We took a walk along the path…

Loch an Eilein elopement, Aviemore elopement, Cairngorms elopement in the Scottish Highlands Lochs

6 Magic Cairngorms Elopement locations – Lochs

Are you dreaming about the Cairngorms elopement in the Scottish Highlands, on the shore of the loch? There are a lot of breathtaking places in Scotland where you can elope. But today I would like to show you the magical places in Cairngorms National Park. Places full of magic, enchanted, beautiful. One of my favourites… And if you love forests and dream of the Cairngorms elopement in the Scottish Highlands, on the shore of the loch, and surrounded by…

Cambo Estate wedding photographer, spring Cambo Estate wedding

Extraordinary Spring Cambo Estate wedding – Melissa

This spring Cambo Estate wedding photoshoot was organized by Lisa from Photography Farm.

I love such interiors! Every painting, decoration, book, piece of furniture, carpet has witnessed various stories. Each of them looks beautiful. I am so grateful that I was able to participate in the shoot day organized in Cambo Estate.

Each workshop gives me the opportunity to learn something new, to consolidate more what I already know. Besides, every time I meet wonderful people who share a…

Romantic Cambo Estate Wedding, Cambo Estate intimate wedding

Romantic Cambo Estate Wedding – Gracey & Luci

This romantic Cambo Estate wedding styled shoot was organized by Photography Farm at the end of May.

I left home about an hour early. Cambo Estate is about half an hour away from me, but I’ve never been there before. And I have never driven such a potholed and narrow road (lol). It’s good that nothing was going in the opposite direction. Most of the way I sat with my nose almost glued to the front window. My eyes…

Epic Glen Etive elopement wedding, Highland Wedding

Epic Glen Etive Elopement Wedding – Brittany & Scott

Brittany and Scott’s Glen Etive elopement wedding was epic!

I arrived early as usual. First, I parked next to the Kingshouse Hotel (unfortunately, it’s one of the few places in Glencoe Valley where there is a toilet). I pulled out the blueberry box and ate almost all of it. I took a nap for 20 minutes. I fired up the car and headed to the right place. Glen Etive. One of the most distinctive and recognizable peaks in Glencoe Valley….

Bohemian Scottish Elopement Wedding in Glencoe

Bohemian Scottish Elopement Wedding in Glencoe – Becca & Grant

This bohemian Scottish elopement wedding in Glencoe was organized by Ella Mai Elopements.

Take a look at this little tent from Slumber Tent Party Co hidden in a clearing at the foot of one of Glencoe Valley’s icons, Glen Etive. Doesn’t it look cute? Moreover, the inside is warm and really cosy. A very nice idea for a bohemian Scottish elopement wedding in Glencoe. It will protect you from strong wind or rain. In winter or autumn, you can warm…

Kingshouse Glencoe wedding, Elopement in Glencoe, Scotland. Intimate wedding in Scotland, Kingshouse Hotel Glencoe wedding, Glen Etive elopement

Breathtaking Elopement in Glencoe, Scotland. Intimate wedding in Scotland – Bea & Seb

Bea and Seb’s elopement in Glencoe, Scotland was BEAUTIFUL! The main colour was blue. Blue was the tulle hem of Bea’s dress. A navy blue was Seby’s suit. The ribbon adorning the bespoke vows books was a powder blue colour. Blue was the stone they both held in their oaths at the base of Glen Etive during their elopement.

“Why blue?” I asked Bea as we were returning from the ceremony. “Chelsea is Seba’s favourite football team …”.

The ceremony was…

Oscar Lili - Boho Wedding Dresses, Backhouse Rossie Wedding Venue

Oscar Lili – Beautiful Boho Wedding Dresses, Backhouse Rossie Estate Wedding Venue

This time something different on my blog, something that arose in my head during one of the long winters walks along the sea. The sound of the sea, the wind, beautiful sunrises helped me create the picture of an editorial with boho wedding dresses in Backhouse Rossie Estate, a wedding venueFife.


1. Tell us about your new collection
The 2022 collection is perfect for the bride looking for an understated and…

Loch Muick elopement, Adventurous Scottish elopement wedding at Loch Muick in the Cairngorms National Park

Adventurous Scottish Elopement Wedding at Loch Muick Cairngorms National Park, Loch Muick Elopement – Sara & Mark

Loch Muick elopement… Unpredictable, adventurous, beautiful, romantic, snowy, windy, unforgettable … This is how Sara & Mark’s adventurous Scottish elopement wedding at Loch Muick Cairngorms National Park can be described in a few words.”Seems to me is there more snow on the mountains?” Pawel said as we approached the site. He was right. We were there a week earlier, at the end of April. Only a week. May. Snow has fallen in Cairngorms National Park creating a magical atmosphere.