Spring Neidpath Castle wedding – Emilia & Calum

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“Calum I promise to love every part of you and stand next to you as long as we both shall live”

Neidpath Castle wedding. A cold spring morning. I put on a wool sweater, a dress, a coat over the top. I checked if I had everything packed. Two cameras, three lenses, a flash, several memory cards and batteries. I put fruit, water and two chocolate bars in my backpack. I tied my shoelaces and picked up the key and navigation to which I had already set my destination. Neidpath Castle. One of the most haunted castles in the Scottish Borders.


Katarina invited me in. The first step, second, third … Did I mention that I love castles? I walked through the door and was speechless. The magical spring light fell on the beige-coloured walls with a delicate hint of orange. A wooden chair stood alone in the corner. There was silence all around. It was cosy and warm. I talked to Katarina for a while, and as she went upstairs to make some final adjustments before Emilia arrived, I took out my cameras and started taking pictures. I love the atmosphere in the castles. Mystery, romance, drama. Can you imagine a better place to get married?


I went upstairs to Neidpath Castle. Can you go speechless several times in a short time? The light here was even more beautiful, more magical. I found myself in one of the chambers. I imagined that the furniture comes from the time when the castle lived to the fullest. Huge four-poster bed, cute mirror hanging on the wall, beautiful vintage bathroom. Yes, I could live here …
It’s almost 11 am, Emilia should be here soon. I went downstairs. 

The flowers, the dress and Emilia with Calum’s mother and her friend arrived. Do you know what’s the best thing about an intimate or micro wedding? That you don’t have to rush. You don’t have to worry about going beyond the timeline and every minute is an additional delay. You can savour every minute. Dress, jewellery, earrings, shoes. 

It was my first wedding at Neidpath Castle. And one of the most beautiful and emotional in which I had the opportunity to participate. First of all, Emilia’s parents could not participate physically. But despite everything, you could feel their presence at every step of the preparations, the ceremony. Second vows. Emilia and Calum have prepared very personal and beautiful vows. Calum’s mother’s speech brought tears to our eyes. 

Then it was time for the first dance to The Beach Boys songs “Don’t Worry Baby”.


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I love castles and the atmosphere of mystery that prevails in their chambers. Contact me if you are planning a Neidpath Castle wedding. 

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