Wedding Photographer In Fife Scotland – The Best Of 2020

A strange year for me as a wedding photographer in Fife, Scotland. But so positive! Pawel and I visited the Faroe Islands – a place that made a great impression on both of us. A land where I could feel the power of Mother Nature. Soaring cliffs, mountains emerging from the sea, snow-capped slopes, winding roads, crazy weather. I spent the whole week there. 

Immediately after our return, we got into the car and went to the store to fill the gaps in the refrigerator and buy fruit and vegetables. While standing at the cash register, Pawel mentioned that he would buy toilet paper because we arrived by car, but we can buy one bag. The cashier was already juggling our purchases when Pawel approached me with a surprised look and told me there was no toilet paper anywhere. We’ve been gone a week and we didn’t even realise what was happening. A week later, the lockdown began.

At the end of April, I left a full-time job. I spent two years thinking about it. The time may not have been the right time, but it was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. I closed another chapter in my life and started a new adventure, a full-time wedding and elopement photographer.


2020 was a year of learning. I believe that we learn all our lives. Moreover, I love the whole process of learning new things. In January, I had a two-day wedding photography workshop with Sean Bell. It was the best workshop I have participated in so far.

I attended online workshops with Jai Long (Wedding Photography Summit), Jonas Peterson’s “Master the Art of Storytelling”, and Phil Chester and Sara Byrne’s “Posing Theory”.

2020 was a year of micro, intimate weddings and elopements. I organised a few elopement styled shoots and was able to work with amazing Scotland wedding suppliers. Here are my favourite photos from 2020.

2020 – a year of making dreams come true. I organised three dream photoshoots with amazing girls Niki, Hanis and Cleo in beautiful tulle dresses. This has been my dream since I started my photography adventure! 

2020 – a year of overcoming my own fears. A path leading to Kallur Lighthouse. The path is a challenge for everyone with a fear of heights. I did it and I’m stronger. I know I have taken a huge step forward. Another great challenge is the road to the Quiraing – narrow, steep. Another point for courage.

2020 – a year of travelling around Scotland. We bought a tent! The first night in the tent (it was also my birthday) with friends in the area of Loch Trool. Another trip is a few-day trip from PI to the Isle of Skye. We slept at a campground in Uig. It was the first trip of a few days without any plan. We were just enjoying places we had yet to visit on previous visits to the Isle of Skye. Last night, one of the headbands broke under the influence of a strong wind. Haha, it was an interesting night. We fastened the tent to the car and prayed the tent wouldn’t collapse.

Pawel and I also visited a few castles in Aberdeenshire. I love castles! They hide some kind of mystery. Looking at the walls of the castle, I wonder what life was like in it, and how many love stories are hidden behind its walls.

We discovered a beautiful forest in Fife, Scotland – Tentsmuir Forest. It’s about a half-hour by car. During the second visit, we walked almost 12 km. It was so beautiful and peaceful.


2020 – a year of baking. For the first time in 2020, I entered the competition in the food category. I won an honourable mention. To this day, I remember sitting on the bus to Edinburgh and picking up my phone to check my mailbox. One of the emails was from the IPA with the award message. Man, the wide smile on my face did not leave for several days! Even now, the mere memory of a smile appears on my face.

A cup of coffee is recommended to watch this part 😉 Are you ready?

2020 – a year of engagements/couples photoshoots. Planning a secret engagement in Scotland? Yes!!! I like the thrill of knowing I know and can’t tell. It feels good to know someone’s life is about to change 180 degrees. Thinking of an adventurous couples photoshoot in Scotland? As a wedding photographer in Fife, I’m here for you – let’s talk!

I consider 2020 a successful year. There were ups and downs, good times and bad, moments of doubt followed by the urge to do something great. It was a year that changed a lot in my life for good. I am waiting impatiently and optimistically for what 2021 will bring me.

I’m Bernadeta, an intimate Scotland wedding photographer, based in Fife. If you love my work, get in touch!




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