Beautiful, Romantic Winter Wedding In Scotland – Nadia & Aidan

Where do I begin? Nadia and Aidan’s romantic winter wedding in Scotland at Neidpath Castle was beautiful. Let’s start with the room at the bottom, where the ceremony and then the dancing took place. There was a decorated Christmas tree against the left wall. Even the decoration above the arch was different than usual. Richer. It wasn’t my first wedding here.

Special Bridal Preparations 

In the room at the top of Neidpath Castle — where Nadia, her bridesmaids, and her mother were getting ready — there was an atmosphere of relaxation and joy. A dress with a long train hung from the curtain rail that separated the bathroom from the room. It was decorated with a row of small buttons at the back. 

Four long pastel green bridesmaid dresses hung on the door. Their top was decorated with sequins, and the tulle bottom made them light. Low-heeled shoes of the same colour lined up in a row underneath the dresses. There were Hunter Wellington boots in the other room. Three in a shade of dark green, bridesmaids, matched the colour of the dresses perfectly. And one in white — those were Nadia’s.

Cosy Christmas Wedding Decor

In the room below, there were tables arranged in the letter “U” — each covered with a white cloth and decorated with tall, wooden candlesticks. Simple white plates lay side by side in a neat row on both sides of the table. Next to each of them was a napkin with a name engraved on a round wooden pad, and a sprig of either mistletoe or spruce or other coniferous wood. You could feel the atmosphere of Christmas. After all, these are Nadia and Aidan’s favourite holidays.

At the very bottom, in a very cramped room, there was a wedding cake. Beautiful, simple.

What else can I write about a beautiful Christmas wedding in Scotland? It was cosy, joyful, and relaxed. Festive decorations highlighted the colours chosen by Nadia and Aidan and the fireplace in the tiny chamber downstairs added a magical charm to this winter wedding.


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