Outdoor Auchen Castle Wedding – Elise & Scott

Elise and Scott dreamed about a laid-back Auchen Castle wedding outdoors. The weather was perfect. Heat waves had just hit Scotland in the middle of July, and there were still clouds in the sky that formed a natural diffuser from the sunlight. Elise and Scott spent the morning getting ready separately. Elise was in the room with the girls talking and drinking champagne. Scott went to play golf with his friends. It was a lazy morning without rushing.

On that day, both of them wanted to be surrounded by their dearest and nearest who came to celebrate with them from Australia, Greece, and Scotland. Having the whole Auchen Castle for themselves was their dream as well!

The Stunning Auchen Castle Wedding Venue As A Backdrop For Unforgettable Memories

I think I will go to the moments that stuck in my memory the most because I cannot describe the wedding day in any other way. I just remember moments that have made an impression on me! 

Like a beautiful bow was made of white roses and eucalyptus leaves, under which the ceremony took place and where Elise and Scott read their personal vows. Sneaking to the secret room with Elise to take bridal portraits. Pawel went first, checking for any of the guests. There no Scott in sight! Elise was second, and I was covering the back, throwing up the train of her beautiful wedding dress. 

The speeches … and the way Elise was leaning against the wall listening to Scott’s speech. So much laughter and guests wiping their tears during the most important moments. How the flower girl grabbed the table on which the wedding cake was standing. 

The first dance that was accompanied by a song sung by Elise and Scott’s friend. The walk we took with Scott and Elise. It didn’t matter that the path was overgrown. 

The tiny moments that make up the whole picture and make me remember this day in one way and no other.

Outdoor wedding at Auchen Castle
Outdoor wedding at Auchen Castle

Videographer: Fern & Heather

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