Romantic, Secret Torridon Elopement – Bianca & Elmar

Bianca & Elmar’s secret Torridon elopement was beautiful. It was raining from the very morning, a cold wind was blowing. Gray clouds lazily broke over the mountain peaks, creating a magical atmosphere. The trees slowly donned autumn clothes, shimmering with orange, yellow, red, dark green colours. Some of them tried to wash off the mud-stained clothes.
I stood in front of the white, two-story house where Bianca and Elmar had hidden for a few days to secretly elope in Torridon. The main door was locked, no one was inside. I found a narrow passage to the back of the building. And the only door. What the hell, I’ll try, I thought. It turns out that it is not here, although Google Maps has stubbornly pointed to this place. Elmar opened the door for me. We took the stairs to a cosy apartment overlooking the loch and the Scottish Highlands. What a sight it was. In a tiny room, Bonny was arranging Bianca’s hair and applying makeup for her. “We packed so much that I forgot to take my pants on my mountain excursions,” laughed Elmar. His jeans were hung on the bedroom door.

In a cosy little kitchen, Bianca and Elmar had their last meal before leaving the house.
We drove each one in our car. We are the first, they are behind us. The rain, which had taken a break for a moment, began to play again in the puddles, on the car wipers. Drip, drip, drip … Doormats were playing tag with him.

Ashton was waiting for us in the parking lot. We all got out of the car and went to the place that Ella had chosen several days earlier. The wind was so strong that we had to retreat to a cosier place. With a breathtaking view of the mountains surrounding us on all sides. To the valley and the road that a car passed from time to time.

What a ceremony it was. The majestic mountains, Ella, Ashton, Pawel and I witnessed their secret Torridon elopement. The rain had stopped falling, although the dark grey clouds also wanted to be part of this show. They waited impatiently in the distance, lazily brushing the tops of the mountains. We didn’t know that they had a tiny gift hidden in their pockets for Bianca and Elmar. After their first dance, they pulled out a rainbow. Beautiful, colourful, huge. From one end of the valley to the other.

And then there was a vegan picnic. We spread a blanket near the parking lot, and on top of it, Ella put a basket full of delicious food. My first meal together as a husband and wife overlooking the Torridon mountains.


Elopement planner: Ella Mai Elopements

Celebrant: Ashton

Hair/Makeup: Bonny’s Wonderland

Flowers: Fauna Flower Folk

What do you think about such secret elopement? Would you like to have a secret Torridon elopement or be surrounded by your closest and dearest? Whatever you choose, it’s your day! You can craft it in your own way and celebrate it as you only dream of!

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