Adventurous Isle of Skye elopement, Blà Bheinn elopement – Marina & Scott

Marina and Scott’s adventurous Isle of Skye elopement on Blà Bheinn was simply breathtaking. They both love mountains and reached many Munros. There wasn’t any better place for them to elope than one of the most magical Isle of Skye Munros, Blà Bheinn.
We have been checking the weather for several days. Not only the normal one but also the mountain one. On Friday night I got a message from Scott that it was going to be a beautiful day. Not rainy, not windy. And we all hoped for it in secret …

On the way to Eilean Iarmain Hotel, where Marinna and Scott got ready for their adventurous Isle of Skye elopement, the sky was covered with dark grey clouds. It wasn’t windy and it was still warm.

We were all very positive from the very beginning. Geared for an adventure on one of the Isle of Skye Munros. The ceremony was planned halfway, and after it, those willing could go with Marina and Scott to the top of Blà Bheinn. This was my goal. I saw photos, videos, read various articles about this Munro. Rocky peak and a very steep climb.

I stayed with Marina at the Eilean Iarmain Hotel. Pawel drove with Scott and Harry to Blà Bheinn. We have created two intertwined introductions to the history of Marina and Scott’s Blà Bheinn elopement. While editing the photos, I felt like I was in two different places at the same time. Yes, this is one of the reasons why you can consider taking a second photographer for your elopement.

We came to the place. It was warm and still windless. Clouds swirled in the sky between which the sun was timidly shining through. Marina with her lovely dog, Roger, Kirsty, Zoe, Keiron, Lorna, the celebrant and I started our climb to the ceremony site. Honestly, we didn’t know where it was going to be. All we knew was that it was supposed to be about halfway to the top – before the steep climb.

This is why Scott went there first with his friend.

I honestly don’t even remember when it started raining. It started with a drizzle that turned into a gentle rain. Some of us put on ponchos or raincoats, some still boldly walked without additional rain protection. We continued our climb. We walked across the stream. Or it was before … I remember the turn. We stopped. Marina pulled out her jacket over a transparent poncho. Rain was pouring down from the sky. We made it up to the middle of the mountain all wet.

I remember sitting with Lorna, the celebrant, in her car. She told me something that would stay with me until the end. “The weather gods watch over the couple.” We arrived at the ceremony site.

Scott made Marina a surprise – he was wearing a kilt.

Marina and Scott chose a place with a view of the lake and mountains for their adventurous Isle of Skye elopement. The rain had stopped falling. During the ceremony, white, slow-flowing clouds created a magical background. They just emerged from behind the mountains. They moved lazily forward. It was just beautiful.

There was a Quaich ceremony, rose confetti and a climb to the top of Blà Bheinn. There were no breathtaking views, as the clouds that accompanied us while hiking to the very top obscured everything.

Marina and Scott made it to the top. Pawel also came with them. I froze near the rocks 50 meters before the summit. I couldn’t pass. The fear of heights did not let me forget about itself this time. I was doing worse things to fight with it. This time I was overcome by my fear. This is also another reason why you can consider having two photographers on an adventurous elopement. You can’t even imagine how bad I felt. I’ve been thinking for a few weeks that I can do it. I saw myself at the top. So close and yet so far … Blà Bheinn, we’ll see each other again.



Scotland is very famous because of its weather. They even say “wait 15 minutes and the weather will change”. Even during a rainy day, you might have a magical elopement. Don’t be afraid of it. Embrace it, enjoy it and go for a new adventure!

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