Beautiful Steall Falls Elopement – Kate & Gareth

Beautiful Steall Falls Elopement

It was such a beautiful Steall Falls elopement.

Kate looked like a fairy. The layers of tulle on the skirt began pale pink and ended with a biscuit colour. This one was on top. Oh, how they waved wonderfully with every step and gust of wind. The long sleeves of the lace top danced in the breeze with every movement of the hands. A delicate wreath of dried lavender adorned Kate’s short hair.
We took a walk along the path leading to the Steall Falls. At one point, I felt the wonderful scent of lavender. I was wondering what it smells like. After all, we were in the middle of the mountains, and it certainly does not grow here. I asked Kate if she felt it too. She showed me her dried lavender bouquet. It was he who carried such a wonderful smell.

The ceremony took place at Fort William. After that, Kate and Gareth drove to Steall Falls. I did not expect so many cars in the parking lot. It was usually empty there. The day Kate and Gareth Steall Falls took place was beautiful and sunny. Best weather for a walk.


Steall Falls had witnessed Tally and Jack’s engagement before. Now I could take Kate and Gary there. Are you dreaming of an elopement in a secluded place, surrounded by the Scottish Highlands and a rustling waterfall in the background? Contact me. This is one of my favourite places in Scotland and I would love to go there with you to capture your Steall Falls elopement.

Beautiful Steall Falls Elopement - Kate & Gareth 1