Culross Abbey Wedding – Leah & Peter

Leah and Peter hosted a Culross Abbey wedding to have an intimate celebration with family members and their closest friends. Culross Abbey was founded in 1217 and is full of Scottish history. Culross, a small and charming village in Fife, is known to Outlander fans. 

A Small, Intimate Affair At The Culross Wedding Venue

They both wanted to keep it simple, only with their dearest and nearest, close to the little town where Peter grew up. They included some of the traditional Scottish ceremony elements like drinking Quaich. But it was the first time that I saw the Quaich handed over from hand to hand between their moms, the Maid of Honour, and the Groomsmen. It was an extraordinary ceremony full of chants and prayers.

Peter and Leah went to the far end of the altar where three candles stood, two of them on the side. They were supposed to light the centre candle and put out the side ones. This was to symbolise that they are now one.

After the ceremony, we drove the 1940s Rolls Royce to a tiny square in the centre of Culross. We walked down the narrow streets and ended at the Red Lion Inn, we had a drink of Guinness. It was their dream. This is how they wanted to celebrate their Culross Abbey wedding.

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