Forest Wedding Scotland – Tentsmuir Forest

Tentsmuir Forest, Fife Wedding Photographer

I have always treated the forest as a second home. My dad worked in the woods, he was a lumberjack. And very often, on his days off, he took us there, learn us about the forest, its inhabitants. I knew what lines (roads crossing the forest) were, how they prepare trees for felling and which one they choose. As a little girl, together with my siblings and parents, I planted pines in the forest in a specially prepared place. In the forest, I collected blueberries, mushrooms and acorns to feed the boars.
I like the smell of the forest. It reminds me of my childhood when my dad came home from work and cuddled up to me and my sisters. He took us on his knees and we cuddled up in his clothes soaked with the scent of the forest.
That’s why I go to the forest whenever I can. I feel best there. I am resting. I’m charging the batteries. And I listen, I enjoy every sound.


Tentsmuir Forest is located in Fife, about 30 minutes by car from where I live. And believe me, it’s one of the most beautiful forests in my area! A great choice for your forest wedding in Scotland.

Tentsmuir Forest, Fife Wedding Photographer

Are you dreaming about a forest wedding in Scotland? What about Tentsmuir Forest? Isn’t it magical? If you are looking for a Scotland wedding photographer to capture your wedding in one of the Scottish forests, just send me a message!

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