Magic Auchen Castle Elopement – Amy & Blair

Amy & Blair’s intimate Auchen Castle elopement was magical. Even though I only spent two hours with them, these were some of the most beautiful hours spent in wonderful company.
Auchen Castle wedding was on my list of the castle wedding venue to photograph. I just didn’t expect to be able to visit Auchen castle three months earlier than I expected.

I passed the gate. I drove along the side road lined with tall trees. I was wondering when I would see Auchen Castle and what it would look like. I only saw it in the pictures. Through the opening in the leaves, I saw the walls. The castle finally showed up in all its glory. He was more beautiful than I imagined.

I took my camera out of my bag, ate an oatmeal bar of cocoa and put on a mask – an integral part of my outfit from March 2020. I walked through the main door and looked around curiously. The red walls of the corridor, dark brown furniture and doors lead you in different directions.

Amy, Blair, and Rae, their baby girl, occupied a room on the first floor. Rae, sitting in her beautiful beige dress in the centre of the four-poster bed, looked like a princess on a pea. To allow Amy and Blair to prepare in peace, without stress, I was playing with Rae. She was holding the gold high-heeled shoes Amy was planning to wear to the ceremony.

At one point, when I raised the camera to my face to take another (oh yes, she looked so cute) photo, she looked at me and smiled. Oh, but what a smile it was! From that moment on, every time I raised the camera to my face to take a picture, she smiled in that wonderful way of hers.

The ceremony of Amy and Blair’s intimate Auchen Castle wedding took place in a tiny chamber accessed by a secret door. So secret that I had to ask the castle manager for help because I couldn’t find a room. Neither the door.
After all, we went outside.

Thick clouds shrouded the sky. It was not raining. Yet. I pulled a picnic blanket from the car and spread it on the lawn in front of the castle. I asked Amy and Blair to take their shoes off. I want my couples to feel as relaxed as possible. I also felt that they would just like the idea. We spent a long time talking, laughing. Amy and Blair are a very cheerful couple, deeply in love with each other. And loving being outside very much. They love adventures, they are not afraid of overgrown paths. They changed the shoes for a more comfortable one and we walked along the partially overgrown path to the swing which was located near the pond. Here they could finally feel fully themselves. Surrounded by greenery, trees and singing birds.


There is some special magic in an elopement in the castle, like this one, for example, the Auchen Castle elopement. Check this story about Ilya and Kamilla Thirlestane Castle elopement. The very fact that these walls hide many stories, romantic, tragic, joyful, surprising. Besides, each interior is mysterious in its own way.

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