Relaxed Scottish Woodland Wedding – Stephanie & Emma

Stephanie and Emma postponed their Scottish woodland wedding three times. They dreamed about a fun, relaxed party in the woods with their nearest and dearest (and food) where they would “happen” to get married.

Steph and Em chose The Stables in Falkland for their wedding because they fell in love with the outdoor space at the venue and wanted to get married in the woods. They had a humanist ceremony which gave them freedom in the way they wanted to celebrate their love by making it very special when tying the knot, exchanging personal vows (the celebrant tossed a coin to determine who would go first) and the rings.

Their Falkland Estate wedding was one of a kind! There were no traditional speeches, just a quiz. Steph’s dad read the sentences with an incident in Steph and Em’s life, and the guests had to guess which one made them.

The day was filled with fun, games, joy and a night full of crazy dancing and singing. It ended late at night by the fire where they were baking marshmallows.


Relaxed Scottish woodland wedding

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