Intimate Celebration At ONE OF THE BEST Scottish Castle Wedding VenueS – Tally & Jack

Tally and Jack’s intimate wedding at Auchen Castle was one of the most beautiful Scottish castle wedding venues — truly one-of-a-kind.

They both wanted a very intimate wedding because they are introverts themselves and don’t love being in a crowd of people. They asked their dearest and nearest to wear an outfit that would remind them of the Victorian times.

Getting married in a castle gives an amazing impression. The feeling that you’ve stepped back in time. Your imagination starts to run at peak speed. Before your eyes, you can see pictures of people riding in carriages, wearing fancy dresses that look like those from Disney’s fairy tales. Holding intricately decorated umbrellas to protect against the heat. Men in tuxedos with a cane in their hands and a hat on their heads.

An Epic Wedding In A Castle

On November 1st when I drove up to Auchen Castle, I felt as if I had stepped back in time. I went inside. Dried leaves in golden-orange colours adorned the fireplace next to which the ceremony was to take place. The decorations were prepared by Lucy from To A Mountain Daisy. Tally’s dream was to feel like Anastasia from a Disney fairy tale, who has returned to her castle, where everything is dusty and waiting for someone to finally awaken the castle to life. 

I walked over to another room and saw round tables decorated with dried flowers and leaves. It all looked epic! And then I saw the wedding cake with small figures of Tally and Jack on top of it.

A staircase with a red painted wall and a long winding corridor — in which you could get lost —  led to the room where Tally was getting ready. As I opened the door to her room, the feeling of stepping back in time deepened. An original wedding dress from the early 1900s hung on the wooden railing of the bed. It was simple and beautiful, fixed in a few places by Tally. 

It was a pleasure to finally see Tally combing her thick hair intricately and arranging it in the characteristic 19th-century hairstyle. There was a joyful atmosphere in the room. 

The same atmosphere prevailed in the room where Jack and his friends were getting ready. Everyone was dressed in dark tuxedos (Jack explained to me that they are called “morning suits” — Jack’s suit was from 1930) and they all looked very dignified. From time to time, I had to pinch myself and check that I hadn’t walked through the magic door and stepped back in time.

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