Wedding Anniversary in Fort Augustus, Scotland – Riddhi & Girish

Wedding Anniversary in Fort Augustus, Scotland - Riddhi & Girish

Riddhi and Girish spent their wedding anniversary in Fort Augustus. … Can there be anything more beautiful? Breathtaking Scottish landscapes, majestic Scottish Highlands, lochs that end with a hen on the horizon. Moreover, in Scotland, you’ll also find fabulous and romantic castles, temple ruins, legends, listening to which you sit with your mouth open.

Some beautiful Sunday winter morning I travelled to Fort Augustus, a small village which is located on the southern part of Loch Ness. Just in the middle between Fort William and Inverness.

I met Riddhi and Girish at The Highland Club, Fort Augustus. Do you know what was best? I couldn’t find the entrance to the building. I always come to all kinds of meetings ahead of time. Especially if the place is new to me. I like to come around, see what the area looks like. Maybe I will find an interesting place in Scotland for the next couples, engagement or wedding anniversary photo session. This time I was also ahead of time. I went around the whole building, I even found a map, but I could not find the main entrance … So I entered from behind, I came to the first person I met who turned out to be a Polish woman working at The Highland Club. She directed me to the reception.
And best of all, Riddhi and Girish, who came to The Highland Club late last night, also had trouble finding the entrance.


Riddhi & Girish, a married couple from India, came to Fort Augustus to celebrate their wedding anniversary. This was not their first visit to Scotland. We went around The Highland Club talking about how they met, about life and food.

The Highland Club is a beautiful hotel is situated near Loch Ness in Fort Augustus. Beautiful arched ceilings, floor decorated with tiles, high windows create a magical mood inside. Isn’t it a great location for a wedding anniversary? Contact me if you are planning a wedding anniversary in Fort Augustus or any other place in Scotland and need an anniversary wedding photographer!

Wedding Anniversary in Fort Augustus, Scotland - Riddhi & Girish 1