Glencoe Elopement Photographer – How did Lost Valley in Glencoe become the best discovery?

Lost Valley Glencoe, Scottish Highlands


“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

R. Frost


A week earlier, on Saturday, during a photo session with Eilidh and Jordan┬ánear the Three Sisters in Glencoe, a couple of tourists asked me how to get to the Lost Valley. And I didn’t know how should I direct them.
A seed of curiosity was planted in my head. I’ve been to Glencoe many times. However, I never came across information about Lost Valley or the place like this one even exists.

And so a week later, on Sunday, I and PI set off to discover Lost Valley in Glencoe.
I have not felt such excitement for a long time that here, in a few hours (our pace of climbing up can be compared to a turtle with a heavy shell. I explain my shortness of breath due to the need to take a photo) we will discover a piece of Scottish Highlands that we have never seen before, Lost Valley. And believe me, Lost Valley near Glencoe is such a great place for your elopement.

The path leading to the valley leads along the mountain slope. Curiosity about what will be at the end of the path won against my fear of heights. Beautiful rocks, the river flowing along the path, water flowing down from the mountains, snow on the peaks, blue sky, and the mountains surrounding us from everywhere. I only doubted it a few hundred meters in front of Lost Valley. You had to walk a very sloping rock, having a gap of about 4 meters on one side and a rock on the other.

Lost Valley in Glencoe turned out to be our best discovery. We were surrounded by majestic mountains. We could only hear the murmur of water flowing from the peaks. The sun warmed our faces, a gentle wind dispelled fatigue. And that mesmerizing view.

I would love to photograph your adventurous photo session or elopement in Glencoe. It is such a wonderful place! So yes, if you are looking for a Glencoe elopement photographer just send me a message through my contact form. I will be so honored to be a part of your elopement in Glencoe, Lost Valley!

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