Elope in Glencoe in October – Charlotte & William, Romantic Ardrhu House elopement

Charlotte and William wanted to elope in Glencoe in October. Why autumn? Because of the colours, the weather, the atmosphere. Why elopement? Because they are both introverts and have already attended several large weddings, they figured they want to spend the day on their own terms.

So let’s start from the beginning the story about how Charlotte and William’s elope in Glencoe in October. I remember it was windy. Oh, very much. It was quite a cold wind. Such a wind that you don’t want to leave the house. It would be best to hide under a woollen blanket, put on woollen socks and a sweater and stay there. And it rained from time to time. Compared to the cold wind, it was quite an interesting combination.
Rain clouds moved over the tops of the mountains. Fast, as if they wanted to make it somewhere.

There was a large house that stood on the shores of Loch Leven, not far from Glencoe. Ardrhu House. It is surrounded on one side by coniferous forest. On the other, a loch and Scottish Highlands. And the first-floor room where Charlotte and William were getting ready for the ceremony. Together. Quiet, slowly. Charlotte’s red dress hung on the closet door. Next to her was William’s dark brown suit. All the details were in shades of fall. Flowers, ribbons, flower head crown, comfortable shoes, vow books. At last, they wanted to have their Glencoe elopement in October.

I also remember that moment when Charlotte helped William pin a buttonhole made of flowers that matched both the bouquet and the crown. And the way William hugged Charlotte just before leaving Ardrhu House.

Each of us went to the place of the ceremony in our car. Trees dressed in autumn robes surrounded us on all sides. It was also cosier here, it wasn’t raining.

Charlotte and William had their elopement ceremony on the shores of Loch Leven. On a small pier that moved with every little movement. In the end, the wind stopped blowing and the lake showed a clear reflection of the trees and peaks of the Scottish Highlands surrounding it on all sides.

And then we went on a little adventure to the Glencoe Valley. Oh, this place looks magical in autumn. Glencoe elopement in October is always magical. Colours, grey clouds touching the tops of the majestic mountains. Mountain streams filled to the brim with water flowing down the slopes of the Scottish Highlands. And silence. Places are not so crowded anymore. A rainbow may appear in the sky from time to time.


Elopement planner: Wild Heart Elopements

Venue: Ardrhu House

Dress: Needle and Thread

Makeup/ Hair: Bonny’s Wonderland

Flowers: Wild Iris Studio

Celebrant: Paul Browett Humanist Celebrant

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